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Sponsor Spotlight No.6 – Ring Automotive

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT RING AUTOMOTIVE. On my way to and from Leeds Climbing Wall, I always pass a big, big building with the eye-catching logo of Ring Automotive. I knew that Ring made bulbs and other electrical accessories for cars, but I really had no idea about their amazing full rangeof automotive accessories. A friend put… Continue Reading

Sponsor Spotlight No.3 – Aerial Service/Future Innovations

Howdy folks Here is the third amazing sponsor in a series of “Sponsor Spotlights”, where we give a big THANK YOU to all the companies who have sponsored us. For all their help, support, assistance & encouragement, we are very, very grateful. The first company to approach us, just after the Mongol idea was… Continue Reading


Sorry for radio silence. Summary of week: After awesome Russian border scenery, camped overnight at Mongolian border. Drunk border guard & mad dog. Now convoying with 5 brilliant teams. HUGE stunning landscape. River crossings. Stuck up to axles in mud. Camping in middle of middle of nowhere. One team has cracked sump & punctures galore,… Continue Reading


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT – SAD ROBOT WEB DEVELOPMENT. You know that amazing feeling when you find an absolute goldmine, that was the moment I first saw our website, built by Sad Robot. My brother Danny said he was exceptionally good, before he introduced us, he was absolutely right. Sad Robot is the company of an absolute… Continue Reading

Sponsor Spotlight No.10 – Mountaineering Designs

SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT – MOUNTAINEERING DESIGNS. I have always loved the mountains; running up them, walking over them, camping in them, reading, talking or dreaming about them, I have always loved the mountains. When I first started mountaineering, when I was about 10 years old, my first ever sleeping bag was a £10 synthetic camouflage sleeping… Continue Reading

An exciting new sponsor – MOUNTAINEERING DESIGNS.

By an interesting chain of events at the weekend, I ended up at the HQ of Mountaineering Designs, in a beautiful corner of the South Lakes. There I had a long conversation with Dave, the owner of Mountaineering Designs, Regeneration Specialists of down equipment, since 1972 (the year I was born!)Mountaineering Designs have agreed to… Continue Reading