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A very exciting day. After a brilliant night’s kip in a great location, we hit the road towards Russia & very soon met our third team, The Desert Scousers, father & son, Mike & Rich. Africa Rally veterants in a new shape Micra. Then, straight away we met our forth team (since the CzechOut party),… Continue Reading


Apologies for radio blackout. Down to 1 phone & no wifi in’t sticks. Crossed border fuss-free. Bought Kazakh Sim card & phone now blocked. Roads varied from ok to shocking. Camped in an amazing thunder storm. Pestered to go swimming & drink vodka by a v.dodgy Russian. Almost out of fuel/water. Tiny villages miles apart…. Continue Reading

Day V

Border crossings, ring roads & a fistful of Hryvnya… Bit of a latexstartcfrom Zakopane, Poland. An amazing place. Like a giant, giant Keswick in the Alps. Wooden houses galore: Fancy houses, upside-down houses & Scooby-Doo haunted houses. Plus one zillion tourists.We headed east to the border. Think Lina has been taking secret mapreading lessons,as she… Continue Reading

Day IV

After the Czech-out party,it was always going to be a long day… Pulled by the traffic cops for not having a “vignette” with a fine ranging from £30 to £600.Pretended I didn’t understand (which was easy as I didn’t) & started to empty the boot & take my shoes off.The distraction failed & I was… Continue Reading

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