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Day XXVII-XXVIII: UlaanBaatar.

Mongol Rally
MR 2012

Crikey. It’s been an emotional few days here. After the sheer elation of finishing, we found some digs & before I got my first shower in 12 days, I washed the Silver Streak. Don’t think the Receptionists were overimpressed with me traipsing up & down 4 flights of stairs 4 times, slopping buckets of water… Continue Reading


Well, after 18mths of planning, daydreaming, last-minute prepping/fretting & 26 days of driving good roads, bad roads, no roads, river crossings, bottomless swamps, corrugated tracks & potholes the size of Malta, WE DID IT!!!!We were a 5-team convoy, but got separated yesterday, so we tootled into town with Team (W)reckless & The Desert Scousers (their… Continue Reading


Wi-fi in Mongolia is not too common, so very chuffed to find a hotspot Crikey, an action-packed few days! Convoying with 5 awesome teams: Team No Funeral/No going Yak, Team (W)reckless, Two-&-a-half-men, Desert Scousers & Fiestaless Adam &Mark. It has been pretty epic. Some hairy river crossings & bottomless bogs. The roads sometimes just vanish!… Continue Reading