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Bitter Vs. Lager?

  After a very enjoyable first-Friday-in-December-send-off-session, expertly organised by Mr. Tiplady, I just wanted to say a few words, to thank all the Hardback Boys, BL lads and honorary Library chaps, for everything. If you are not one of the above, the following may make little or no sense! 21/09/92, free Guinness in bar, red… Continue Reading

4 weeks without sleep, or how I survived the CELTA course!

  The day after finishing my CELTA course (a 4 week intensive course for the “Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults”, a qualification from the University of Cambridge), I have (along with a raging hangover) an overriding feeling of guilt that I should have my head in a grammar book, be planning a lesson,… Continue Reading