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Chosica: A cry for help, mistaken identity, Interpol=Spirit Level, Imigraciones=Chives…

How do folks I trust you’re in mighty fine form & that you had a superb weekend. Starting off the blog this week on a sad, but serious note, with an appeal. Chosica: A cry for help. Last weekend, we went to Chosica, a beautiful little highland town about 1.5hrs away from where we live,… Continue Reading

Near-misses, building sites and escaping “la locura de Lima..”

How do folks I trust you had a superb weekend & that you’re all in mighty fine fettle. A busy old week in the crazy old city. Promised not to mention combis, or give you an ongoing report of Lima traffic, so this may be a shorter blog than usual! Apologies for the shortage of… Continue Reading

“Dancing Feat”, my baptism of fire in Lima’s trafico and the Nipper’s first Cumpleaños :-)

How do Folks I trust this finds you all in mighty fine form. Another week in Lima survived, so I thought I’d write a few words! “DANCING FEAT” Starting off with a shameless (& well deserved) plug for a mate’s book. “DANCING FEAT” by Neil Bennion. The funniest book I have ever read! Buy this… Continue Reading

Hasta luego to the Two Wheeled Nomads, the new “Clunk sin nombre” CHiPs and midnight job offers…

  Morning folks I trust this finds you in mighty fine form, having enjoyed your weekend:-) It’s been quite a week here in sunny (but not always) Lima. After meeting up with the mighty Two Wheeled Nomads; Lisa & Jase last weekend, this week it was time to say hasta luego to the intrepid pair…. Continue Reading

TheTwo-Wheeled-Nomads, a tale of two Clunks, el Tren Electrico and a small earthquake……

How do folks I trust this finds you in tiptop form. A round-up of the latest madness from the streets of Lima. It’s been a busy week! Highlight of the week was a chance meet-up with two amazingly awesome & down-to-Earth Adventurists; Lisa & Jase, the Two Wheeled Nomads. Lisa & Jase, from Nottingham are… Continue Reading