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Las Blanquirrojas, “If nothing goes wrong…”, Final Exams and “Victor Meldrew says…”

  Good morning folks I trust that you had a superb weekend. Busy week in the land of Combi chaos & Ceviche con Cristal. Bank Holiday here in Peru, but that doesn’t stop the blog! Paolo for Presidente! If he plays as well in the next game as he did in the last! Peru pulled… Continue Reading

“You may now turn over your paper”, Copa de America 2015 and “Victor Meldrew says…”

  Good morning Folks I hope you all had a mighty fine weekend. A round-up of the previous week in the land of Ceviche, Cristal & Combis (none of the first 2 for me sadly, and these days, not many of the 3rd neither!) “You are now under exam conditions…” On Tuesday I stepped into… Continue Reading

Colourblindness, “Documentos, Documentos” and On Any Sunday…

Good morning Folks I trust this finds you in sterling Monday morning form & that you had a mighty fine weekend. Another week in the crazed capital that is Lima… Colourblindness! In the early 80’s we emigrated to Western Australia, a spot called Boooragoon to be exact. I was 10 years old & I loved… Continue Reading

Scuppered plans, empty seats and exam time (but not for me!)

Good morning Folks I trust you had thee most splendid of splendid weekends. 5mths in Peru, here’s a quick round-up of the latest from Lima… Scuppered plans  Photographs of inspiring places have always had a huge effect on me. I saw a pic of Cerro Torre & Fitzroy in Patagonia when I was nine years… Continue Reading