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¡ Adios amigo !


Good morning folks I trust you had a superbly spectacular weekend. Halloween, boooo! Here is your weekly wrap-up of the week from bonkers central. An emotional week, the Clunk has gone Ironically is now Clunkless on this side of the pond. Most bikers would sell both kidneys before parting with their steed, but in… Continue Reading

Super Maro!

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you had an almightily awesome weekend. Here is the weekly wrap-up of the week in “La locura de Lima”… A busy old week, monthly end of cycle exams clashing with two-monthly exams resulted in a “Perfect Storm” situation. On my third red pen already! A bit of good news and… Continue Reading

Mongol Rally film – World Premiere!

Mongol Rally

Good evening/morning folks I trust you had a mightily fine weekend. In place of the weekly Lima round-up, here is some BIG news! After 4 years in the making, I proudly present “MONGOLIANDO.COM – TOP TIPS THE MOVIE” This wouldn’t have happened without the help of our good friend, Matthew P. I am forever grateful… Continue Reading

Better DNS than DNF?

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you had a superbly fantastic weekend and that this finds you in finest form. Here is your weekly round-up/wrap-up from the city of Bank Holidays on a Saturday! On a day when most of my running mates were running marathons, well done to Jhon (RPP), Marie (Boston) and Angela (York)… Continue Reading – Daring Deeds…


Good afternoon/evening folks In addition to the weekly blog scribblings, I have also recently done some writing for my good mates at Here is a round-up of an amazing trio of mountain races that I recently ran in, the DESAFIO HUAROCHIRI. If you need some procractination material, here you go Weekly blog to… Continue Reading

One week to go…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust that you had thee most splendid weekend. Here is your weekly wrap-up from the locura of Lima. The “c” word, a tipple and a phantom snapper/poster! It’s all here… One week to go.. I won’t be going this way next Sunday… More likely this way! It was all going so… Continue Reading