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Feliz Navidad!!!

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Good morning folks I trust this finds you in finest festive fettle & that the chubby lad in red brought you plenty of goodies! A lightning quick Boxing Day round-up, it’s Christmas and I’m sure you have other things to do, but here it is anyway. A wrap-up of events from a place where I… Continue Reading

Wine then beer…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in finest festive fettle. A quick round-up of the week in madhouse Lima. This blog may be a tad shorter than usual, Work’s Do last night, say no more. My Editor-in-Chief gives this week’s blog the once-over, a fierce critic! Never again! As I try to patch… Continue Reading

“Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours…”

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Good morning folks I trust this finds you in superb Monday morning form and that you had a spectacular weekend. Lina’s birthday, a lot of work and keeping a toddler/whirlwind in check, it’s been a busy one! Here is the weekly round-up from the city of noise, where it is sometimes possible (necessary) to escape the blaring… Continue Reading

Ferrero Rocher…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you had a mightily fine weekend. Here is the latest Lima wrap-up from the city of Santa-sweating-cobs. It feel like a big guy has just walked into the sauna and poured on a BIG jug of water. December=the manic lead-up to Christmas: Snowmen, Hot Toddies, Lonesome Robins and wintry landscapes…. Continue Reading