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Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in grand form and that you had a splendid weekend. A busy old week in Limalandia. Here is the weekly blog for your Monday morning perusal… COPA MUNDIAL!!! Like or loathe football, unless you happen to live on the remote island of Anuta, it is quite… Continue Reading


Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you had a most splendid weekend and that this finds you in tiptop form. A bit of a shortened Espresso version this week. Internet issues :-/ The full-length nonsense rambling should be back next week. Here is the weekly Monday morning blog… Fever pitch! Well, with the Copa Mundial… Continue Reading


Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in fine form and that you had a top weekend. Here is the weekly wrap-up of ramblings from Limalandia. The Monday morning blog, at your service! Park here at your peril! “San Paolo” “If you don’t like football, go to Chile” say the memes, (no love… Continue Reading