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El Misti Sky Race 2018…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you are in mighty fine form. This week is pretty much entirely and unashamedly dedicated to the race I ran last weekend. Other things have happened here in Limaland. My neighbours are still a pain in the a### and the city drives me completely nuts, but I will forget all… Continue Reading

Better late than never?

Mongol Rally

SINCERE APOLOGIES. Last night was the first Sunday in almost 4 years that I didn’t post my weekly bloggery. There was a good reason for this,,, I have just switched phones to this   I’ve gone smartphone-free, no internet, whatsup, nada,  a smart/dumb move, too early to say. The problem is that I don’t have… Continue Reading

Play Misti for me…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust your weekend was splendid and that you are in finest fettle. Here is the random selection of words, thoughts and general nonsense that makes up the weekly Monday morning blog… Amazing who you bump into in Jockey Plaza, she’s not that tall in real life! Ahhh, Yungay. Last week… Continue Reading