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Last post on the bugle…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks A very Merry Christmas to you all (both my readers)! If you are in Peru/Latin America, you are probably under time pressure to get the ¨pavo¨ cooked, as the Navicena is tonight. If you are back in Blighty/elsewhere, you are possibly getting ready for  a big neet oot/wrapping pressies/leaving a sheery out… Continue Reading

In limbo…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in spectacular form and that you had an outstanding weekend. A mid-December-&-very-close-to-Christmas jumble of happenings  this week. The Works Christmas Do being the highlight of the week (and the root cause of a hangover that is threatening to finish me off right now). As I said last… Continue Reading

Game over?

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you had an awesome weekend and that this finds you in finest pre-festive spirit. (My neighbours have had their tree up since mid-October!) Here is the weekly blah-blah-blah codswallop that is patched together and dished up as the Monday morning blog…   Free + Bar = Trouble… I have… Continue Reading

Striking a nerve…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust your weekend was of a spectacular kind and that this weeks blog finds you in tiptop December form. A mixed-bag/grill of happenings this week. After last week, no big mountains scaled sadly. Here is the random collection of words, thoughts and gubbins that constitutes the weekly blog. ‘Tis the… Continue Reading