A reet neet oot…


Good morning folks

I trust your weekend was outstandingly brilliant and that this finds you in top form.
A week on from the marathon and I am no longer hobbling around like a 100yr old man.
A week wiser and another 357 combi rides survived.
Football mania is reaching critical pitch levels. Paolo Guerrero (captain) definitely won’t be going to Russia. He went to beg FIFA, but they basically told him to get stretched! The nation still believes he is innocent. Many companies should have learned that it is always risky to pin your product/brand to just one person. “Contigo Paolo”.
There is still time however, one never knows…


Here is the Monday morning Superclunk.com blog for your perusal.

In the studio!


A while back at work an email went round asking for people to participate in recording an audiobook for children. Like all things, Yes Man here stuck up his hand and somehow got picked :-)

A taxi was laid on to take me to the studio and what a swanky place it was too. I have never, ever heard such silence here in Lima. I am already thinking about lining the house with egg boxes.


Renzo was the main man and Jhon the sound bloke, (he was a sound bloke too).

My role is that of narrator, but my first task was to read out the entire book for timing purposes. No pressure for a mumbler like me then! It all seemed to go ok and the first draft was done in an hour.

I do sometimes/often get into conversations that I know will leave many more question marks with the recipient than any semblance of sense. My vocabulary is limited in most topics and with my abysmal pronunciation, any words that I do know are generally misunderstood!

I was trying to explain that I had once done some roadie work.


In a nutshell, in 1989 I was working at Little Chef whilst retaking/failing my A-levels.
My mate Steve was a drummer for a band called The Whisky Priests, hard to categorise but a bit like a Geordie version of the Pogues. A proper bunch of mad blokes, good drinkers and brilliant live! Steve asked me if I fancied helping out on a European Tour. With a choice of cooking/serving Early Starter breakfasts or going round Holland, Germany and Belgium for 3 weeks with free digs/food/beer, there really was no choice!


Apart from lugging gear, setting up drums and selling t-shirts and merchandise, it was basically a working holiday and a real eye-opener for a 17yr old, especially Amsterdam!
The tour was mainly in Germany, playing some very diverse venues and my German came on more in three weeks than it had done in 7yrs at school. Happy days :-)

Anyway, back to 2018 and my floundering Castellano conversation skills.
Jhon seemed to now think that I was the ex-drummer from the Pogues, (of whom he had heard of and liked their music). I had travelled too far down a road to turn back to actually put him right. At least he didn’t say I looked like Shane McGowan!

After the Maratón.


I had promised myself a week off after the race, so it has been a lazy week.
To be honest, I was chuffed to bits with the result.
Top 40 out of 2800 runners and sub 2:54, I’ll happily take that :-)
The race took a lot out of me physically, but more mentally.
Any pressure I had was self-imposed, but I laid it all on the line on race day.
A marathon is basically about setting off as fast as you can and sustaining it for 26 miles.
Everything I had done in training simulated the stresses that I would have on the day and I didn’t crack up, nor did the wheels fall off!
I got a stinker of a start, but this maybe helped me later on.
Could I have gone any faster?
On the day: No.
With a bit more training: Possibly…

m7The winner! m6 Just behind!
Pics courtesy of Francisco Palomino V. Top sports photographer

Training has become a bit like destruction testing. My legs seem to be made of glass at times.
It either all works out, or I push just a bit too hard, put the hammer down a bit too much and I get crocked. My right knee does worry me. Ever since my fall in yonder hills, it has given me jip and now it clicks :-/

I’m seeing my Super Physio, Maro on Tuesday, for a bit of magic.


The marathon was a bit of an impulse decision, apart from fitness it wasn’t really specific for my 2018 plans in yonder hills, bar getting some speed back in my legs.


My big race (UT69) plan got scuppered when I didn’t realise the date had changed, which meant I wouldn’t be able to travel in time for the start, so I’m dropping down in distance there. The 30km race does a quick sprint up the valley to Laguna 69 and back, in the shadow of Huascaran Sur, towering over 22000ft above Lima bath water and the highest peak in Peru/the Tropics. The race itself starts at 11223ft and goes to 12614ft.

Bus tickets bought, race fee paid. 21st July.
(Early excuses: I arrive 3hrs before the start after a 9hr overnight bus and it is at altitude, which I am generally crap at! I do need to lay last years DNF ghost to rest though and there is a good knees-up afterwards!)


Apart from that, the only other big race is “El Misti Sky Race”.
My only other race on the calendar in November.

A quick dash up a 19341ft volcano (about the same height as Kilimanjaro).
It has been my dream for over 14yrs, but it is going to take a lot of logistics & bra$$.
Fingers crossed!

msrr msr

I did make a new friend this week.
I’ve done no running but have done a lot of core work (Swiss Ball & rollers).
My ball was flat as a pancake and with my pump knackered, I had to go to the “Llanteria”, (tyre booth, common in most garages to patch up punctures in Taxista’s bald slicks!)
The little man had never seen a ball this big before and was intrigued what it was for. My explanation made him none the wiser, but now he always asks me now whenever I pass (which I have to 4 times a day) if the ball is still ok. Luckily it is :-)


p.s. I apologise for a million mugshots of me gurning my way round the course which have popped up on FB, most of these were taken by the organisers and went on to my profile automatically, I didn’t even realise!

This however was the pic of the week. Four legs good, two legs bad???



Nipper’s day out!

Saturday was the Wee One’s day out and as always, given a choice, she opts for “El Parque de Amistad”, but a choice had to be made between the train or horseriding, so the nags got the nod.

Facepainting always comes first!

33822454_10160491498790302_494386822084820992_n 33691139_10160491498640302_7955774634861789184_n

There is a mini farm there and as we were early it was fairly quiet.
The Nipper is still a bit wary of some animals, but she kept telling me that “I’m not scared, because the animals are my friends” :-)

33720494_10160491498625302_7265312655814950912_n 33661577_10160491498890302_842896192357531648_n33664150_10160491498900302_3212224723786137600_n

Horseriding consists of 3 mini loops which was followed by pizza which was followed be seeing Liverpool get beat which was followed by a haircut by a friendly Argentinian lad called Johnny, “tocayo” is an expression used here when you have the same name as somebody else. It is kind of a strange celebration, but you have to go along with these things!

33757423_10160491498410302_8284958177015889920_nThe Nipper wasn’t overimpressed with my new barnet!

The bairn is at an interesting age for conversations right now. She told me that she wishes I had red hair, her mum too and her as well. She also told me that when she gets married (!) she is going to have a horse, a donkey, two dogs, two rabbits and one cat. Big ideas for a 4yr old!


Green Cross Code man – Episode #429


Next week.

A reet neet oot!

It was a long time in coming and 6 months in planning!

When we had the Halloween fancy dress session, James D suggested a similar soirée in 6mths time (he had an idea up his sleeve already!)

Halloween was a great night out, and as it had no theme it was a bit out of the ordinary to see a group of blokes in a pub dressed as a mixed grill of skeletons, Jack Sparrow, King Arthur, Batman, Spider-Man, The Hoff and Guy Fawkes! Dressing up is not big here, but we did have Halloween as an excuse.


So, with no fixed theme on the 26th May, we did it all again.

33677156_10160491498030302_5144409752956043264_nDiet of champions!

I had not sniffed a whiff of cerveza in 7 weeks, so I was ready for a session myself.
The bars of Miraflores were awash with the Tartan Army resplendent in kilts and Scotland tops.

Scotland are playing Peru in a friendly on Tuesday night, ticket prices start at £88
(I saw Brasil Vs. Costa Rica and Chile Vs. Paraguay back in 2004 for about £2.50).
Most fans seem to be heading to the Irish Bar to watch the game. £88 sounds a lot, but would you travel halfway around the World to watch the match on telly in a boozer?!

3 2 1

All in all, a grand night out. We ended up in a bar/club where we tripled the average age of punters present. JD took the first prize and the bar has been raised yet again for Halloween!

6 months to go…


Raiders round-up

Not the best day at the office :-(


Beaten at Blackpool by Sheffield Eagles, beaten by a better team on the day.
I could quite easily grumble about “Duel Registration” here, but I won’t!

At home to Rochdale Hornets on the 10th June.
Onwards and upwards!

And finally…

“We’re all in the same lifeboat, are we all paddling in the same direction?” was a phrase an old David Brent style boss I once had used to always use in meetings.

This little kid sure can move…


That’s all for now folks.

Have a superbly excellent week :-)

Johnny, Lina & the Nipper


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