A week is a long time in Lima…


Good morning folks

I trust you had a splendidly superb weekend and that this finds you in tiptop form.
Here is the weekly Lima wrap-up.
A week is a long time in Lima, especially in politics!
- The country was without a president for 2 days.
- A World Cup friendly.
- Three score bumpy bus journeys.
And more…


Please sponsor ‘are Kid!
My brother Danny is running the Manchester Marathon for Autism Angels in 2 weeks time.
He has been grafting in some pretty adverse conditions in training!
Running a marathon is bloody hard work.
It is a great cause.
If you did have a moment, please check out his page and maybe sponsor him a few bob…
Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)
Presidente out and Presidente in!
The former President, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK) had had a troubled time.
Embroiled in the all-consuming “Odebrecht” corruption scandal, after surviving a previous impeachment vote (which was interlinked with a pardon/release for imprisoned ex-president, Alberto Fujimori, who had been serving a 6 + 25 year jail sentence for corruption and abuse of human rights, in a deal with Alberto’s son, Kenji).
This week a video tape (something akin to Smith & Jones) surfaced of him “buying votes”, so he was facing another impeachment vote on Thursday, however he jumped ship on Wednesday, leaving the country president-free!
With the city hosting the 8th “Summit of the Americas” in 3 weeks, this was all looking somewhat embarrassing (what Donald Trumpet will say about Lima when he arrives remains to be seen on Twitter!)
PPK was always up against it, right from the start. Battling against the opposition (Keiko Fujimori, daughter of Alberto) who also had a majority in congress.
Kuczynski was saved first time by a “deal” with Kenji Fujimori (sister of Keiko). Kenji now has stepped up to give evidence against his sister, in her part in the Odebrecht mess.
It could all be a bit strained in the Fujimori household!
(In my opinion) PPK should have dissolved congress (preferably in a bath of acid!) As the president is the only one with power to do so. “Congresistas” get paid a fortune and do very little!
However, this would have got very messy indeed (Fujimori Senior was the last president to do this in 1992, a few rules were being bent at that time).
So, Martin Vizcarra (Vice president and Canadian ambassador) was called back from Canada to take the presidential hotseat! A 55 year old Engineer, he is from the region of Moquegua, thereby not having Lima ties. (His wife is a teacher, so maybe we’ll get a rise!)
Hopefully this lad will be clean and last a bit longer than PPK.
He has promised to fight corruption “at any cost”, watch this space…
Ps & Qs & P & Q…
Next week!
Ozzy Ozbourne!
Next week!
A drop in trip…
A change in race dates has changed the whole face of the 2018 season!
A new year and an empty calendar is a a dangerous combination, as last year’s injuryfest fiasco showed.
Exactly the same thing happened in 2002. (It was a good year, albeit a very, very short one!)
I had trained my sorry ar$e off all winter and turned up to the Three Peaks race “flying” (subjective description). It was the last Sunday in April, the year of the big storm. Snow, hail and high winds decimated the field.
I got round in 3.5 hours in 10th place, my best race ever, but my season ended soon after.
April is not the time to be flying!
29634172_10160247871185302_1938718761_o 29527108_10160247871760302_2029904195_o29681077_10160247871320302_1286797429_o
Back to 2018, my main target “UT69″ 60km in Yungay was my goal, but when I entered I didn’t realise the date had been switched to a Saturday. Yungay is an 8hr overnight bus ride, so it would mean taking a Friday morning bus and getting cover for all my classes which would be impossibly impossible!
So, my only option is the 30km race. (The Friday overnight bus gets there before the start)
Since time began I have always gone for the longer races, just because I am not getting any quicker!
I ran the Lakeland 100 (actually 105 miles) in 2011, but it wasn’t pretty.
However, I have always been better at middle distance stuff, up to 20 miles.
So now the revised calendar looks like this:
April 15th – Desafio Huarochiro #1
May 6th – Mangomarca (just for the name ) 
June – ?
July – UT69 30km
August – Borrowdale! (Optimistic! Land in Blighty 1 day before. Drawn like a wasp to jam towards the infamous “Borrowdale Bash”)
Also possibly Torver Show (Coniston Old Man)
November 18th – Misti Sky Race
Let’s see how many I can tick off, without my legs dropping off/knees imploding…
Just scraped inside the Top 10 last week, here are a few pics of the ordeal!
The good.
dr10 dr6 dr1 dr2
The bad.
and the Ugly!
dr9 dr7 dr8Thanks to the various paparazzi for snapping my Ugly Mug around the course :-)
Friendly frenzy!
I did use to love football. Watching Leeds in Lowfields Road in the late 80′s and 90′s was a mixture of adrenaline and fear!
6b66dfaf6079f360fed1074c2a9abd14 vinnie
Working at Elland Road changed everything, (just as working in the bookies changed my love of the nags). I clearly remember a midweek game against Arsenal in 1996, when I had to leave York races (Dante meeting; early and sober) and eventually got home at 1:30am, after seeing nothing of the game. When your hobby becomes your job, it isn’t always good.
I haven’t been back since (for no real logical reason).
Soccer - Euro 96 - Group A - England v Netherlands - Wembley Stadium
Euro ’96 was a memorable booze-fuelled event. Euro 2004 was timed perfectly over here with the end of my classes. These days however, I can take it or leave it.
With Peru qualifying for their first World Cup since 1982, football is joint No.1 topic of conversation with Peruvian food, traffic and moaning about how hot this summer is.
A friendly was played on Friday night versus Croatia, in Miami.
I didn’t see it, I was working, teaching the 3 students who had turned up!
Paolo Guerrero was back from his drugs ban (shhhhh, it was a set-up!)
c2629fded24d239c13d4bae19c499e8c42554ddc PeruCroatia4 PeruCroatia5
A 2:0 victory against the Croats was treated like winning the World Cup Final across the city.
Maybe, just maybe the Blanquirrojas might just do something a bit special at “La Copa Mundial”, we shall see…
On the buses.
If there was ever a time when I wished I could use a Metro Super Saver (kerrrrching), it would be now.
I am currently taking between 6-8 buses per day to get the Nipper to school and to get my silly self to work and back.
Distance is irrelevant here, it is 7 miles to work, but it takes a good 90 minutes.
(I do sometimes run it, which is half an hour quicker). I leave the house at noon and get back at 10:30-11pm, for 6hrs of classes.
A friend once said “If you want to stay sane in Lima, you HAVE to live/work/study all within walking distance”. If ever there was a piece of advice I would ignore at my peril, it was this!
So, there is the daily gauntlet of battling with the “Cobradoras” (conductors).
Poor old Blakey (RIP) must be turning in his grave…
Lina found a phone last week, got in touch with the owner and returned it. Good deed done.
I ran to work on Wednesday and found a watch in the place where I get a shower.
It was a rather nice “Bvlgari” number. Silver and very weighty.
There was a really annoying guy prancing round the changing room singing (why?) I was just about to ask him if it was his when I thought, he is bound to say yes! So I handed it in at security, making the guard right down every detail, thence hopefully not just rubbing out all the details afterwards and pocketing it! (If he did, at least my conscience is clear).
I’ve never really had a flashy watch, (once had a Tag Heuer copy from Tenereeffeeee), but I thought “It’s not mine”, so that is why I handed it in.
Bulgari-Diagono-Scuba-watch-29(Bottom right model)
Curiosity made me check the prices when I got to work, I almost fell off my chair!
But it wasn’t mine…
When I was younger, I was always loathe to spend my hard-earned on Physios.
More recently I see it as money well spent. Anything to keep the wheels rolling!
There are good and bad physios everywhere.
I had a shocker of a therapist when I tore my hamstring, who made my injury 10 times worse.
Then I found Maro, a lovely Dutch lady who has over 40yrs experience with running injuries, she is the best of the best!
Ever since my “tumble” last year, I have had ongoing problems with my right knee. Last weekend, the Desafio Ruricancho gave me some post-race grief (and sunburn issues, sexy vest tan!)
A midweek trip to Maro sorted me out, she is an absolute diamond.
A very good listener, she’d be in her rights to start charging me extra for being my Lima “shrink” too!
Thank you Maro :-)
Raiders round-up.
The mighty shipbuilders had a repeat fixture against last week’s Challenge Cup opponents, Sheffield Eagles. (After defeating the 1998 trophy lifters, we now have a home match against Toronto Wolfpack on 21/08).
Comeback Kings, trailing 18-4 at half-time, the Raiders turned it around to win 36-22.
Keeping the no-defeats-at-home-since-2016 record, but at a cost.
Full-back Luke Cresswell was taken off with a suspected broken leg.
Away next week to Ally-allyfax, onwards and upwards!
Music playlisting.
Does music match your mood, or does it set your mood?
Monday: Wedding Present, Wedding Present, Wedding Present (was very homesick on Monday!)
Tuesday: Dead Kennedys, Skitzo, Guana Batz, Meteors, Quakes, Demented are Go, Juvies.
Wednesday: Abba, PWEI, Public Enemy, Prodigy King Kurt, Frantic Flintstones, Bee Gees.
Thursday: Artic Monkeys, Pulp, Batfinks, Batmobile, Guana Batz, Black Grape, Jamiroquai.
Friday: Divine Comedy, Doors, Doves, EMF, Ennio Morricone, Foo Fighters, Herb Alpert, Hives.
The answer is, I don’t know!
And finally…



The Nipper and I went to investigate a nearby racket on Sunday afternoon.
Just across the road from our gaff, at the Indian Market (all the Inca Kola t-shirts and stuffed llamas you can shake a stick at) there appeared to be some kind of “Battle of the Bands”, plus a load of folk dressed up in all manner of outfits. There was also a mountainous heap of beer crates and a pallet of rapidly disappearing ice.

29527255_10160247871180302_1701160716_o 29526814_10160247871650302_1821189452_o 29513877_10160247871530302_528824007_o 29634902_10160247871810302_505815918_o


From what we could gather it was a festival of the stallholders who had been forced into putting on a show and what a show it was!

This VIDEO probably raises more questions than it could possibly answer…


Have an awesome week.
Until next Monday….


Johnny, Lina & the Nipper


4 thoughts on “A week is a long time in Lima…

  1. Jane

    Great blog again Johnny, I feel your pain and know what it’s like with the physio! 5 weeks ago today I had a full knee replacement, it’s a long hard slog! Looking forward to reading your blog next week xx

    1. Johnny Bravo Post author

      Hi Jane
      Good to hear from you.
      Hope you’re back to full fitness mighty soon.
      I had a mad dream the other night that I was back in Bottling (you were there too).
      Suddenly I realised that one line was running tins of custard and the other was running plastic bottles of milkshake!
      I woke up in a sweaty panic :-/

  2. Ayme Proaño

    Two things to say:
    1. The advice they gave you was right….but if you can’t live near work you can always find sth to do on the journey…i know you do. Working out for example.
    2. Let’s all hope the next summit, despite all the trouble we are living, we can have good comebacks for Mr Trump.


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