A well overdue round-up…

Good afternoon Folks

I trust you are all in superbly awesome form.
What on earth has happened to the regular, stimulating, uplifting & generally unmissable news feed/status updates/general ramblings of Mongoliando.com???
A brief mention of a jaunt on a yellow bus bound for Romania (& beyond), some hintings of a mass shearing of hair for charity (£800 raised for Martin House Children’s Hospice, thanks to YOU) & then…
Nada, nothing, ничего!

Well, here is a brief round-up


The very day that we arrived home from Romania (Top trip, thanks to the mighty DIXIE CHICKENS & to all 2013 Ralliers), Lina discovered that she was expecting! (There’s something in that horincă tipple!)
So, house move (from the caravan) number #31 ensued & suddenly in March, little Valentina Elisa arrived into this World!
Happy days :-)
She is now over 3mths old & already scanning the ads in MCN for a junior-sized-Clunk.
Bikewise, Big Ron the V-Strom had to go & was replaced by Rocinante II, SUPERCLUNK II.
A beautiful 1984 C90, bought from a wonderful enthusiast from Telford called Ray.
Just back from a 9-day/1500 mile ride around the Highlands, “Operation Point Clunk North”
Trip report & pics to follow…
Yesterday I went to the epic day out that is the MOTORCYCLE OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE.
Off-roading is definitely a direction that I would like to go towards & the Honda CRF250 is now my latest object of desire!
I was pretty useless (faceplanted on first practice lap, disc brakes always come as a shock after riding the Clunk) & have a lot to learn about body positioning, but I am wearing a smile that will need surgically removing :-)
Report to follow too…

So, that is a brief round-up of news from the Mongoliando.com camp.
More coming your way mighty soon.

Hasta pronto

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