May 29, 2020

All roads lead to El Misti…

Good morning folks

I trust this finds you in top form.
Apologies in advance for what is in effect a mini-micro-nano-blog, it´s a diddy one this week.

I did start to write this early, but like a complete plonker, I mustn´t have saved it.
Which left me with 45 minutes to scribble something.
(Normally this nonsense takes me at least 3-4hrs, so I´ll do my best).
I have planned so much for next weeks bumper edition, I had better start now.

Meanwhile, here is your 3-minute round-up of happenings in la Ciudad Blanca.

Small pleasures – small change.

I was at the cashpoint drawing out some readies and not really paying full attention (to be fair there is an ATM near work where the screen is so scratched you cannot actually see anything, so you just press the buttons in sequence and hope for the best), I requested s/200 (around 47 squid) and got this :-/

Santa Rosa looking at me woefully and probably thinking to herself ” Never request a round amount like s/200! Good luck changing that Johnnyboy!


Not easy to come by here in AQP, nor anywhere in Peru.
I once tried to break a s/2 coin with a street vendor by buying something for s/1 and they didn´t have any change!

Joy of joys…

Later in the week, my luck changed when I managed to get my paws on these!!!

40 whole/single Soles!
Simple pleasures 🙂

The Ambassador´s visit.

Next week.

Jeffrey Bernard is unwell…

Next week.

The Magic Sign!

Next week.

In denial!

Next week.

It´s all about the bass (part III)…

Next week.

Nothing ever lasts forever…

Not even 6 industrial sized tubs of Brylcreem.
It had to run out on the most important day of the week too. (The day the Ambassador visited).

Might need to get a haircut, can´t stock up on grease until next August 🙁

My monster bag of Yorkshire Tea is still going strong, but it will be a very sad day when they run out…

Tenuously refreshment linked, this is the best coffee I have ever tasted!

Feliz Navidad.

Next week.

When the chips are down…

Next week.

The Forecast is Misti.

To be honest, the MSR (Misti Sky Race) has reached obsession proportions this year.

I ran it last year and (somehow) got round.
I trained and trained (and got injured and injured) by running myself into the ground on the hills around Lima.
This year I am going for the shorter trip (13 miles) and I have trained hard, but it has been almost entirely on the roads (which are pretty high and pretty hilly round here, but am I kidding myself?)

Apart from last weekend, when I ventured onto the hill(s) and didn´t even make the top in my audacious “Ruta Delantera” bid.
Echoes of Rum Doodle…

Will it be enough???

Will this magically heal in the next 24 hours?

Will this magic juice work?

Find out next week.

Off the wagon…

I have not touched a drop of beer in over 2 months, which I am ashamed to admit is the longest stint ever, since I started drinking, on my 18th birthday (and not a moment before!)

This will all be undone very soon indeed…

And finally…

Pride always comes before a fall!

I had a BMX once, when I lived in Oz as a bairn.
Thinking I was some kind of BMX bandit I took it to the local track & did something like THIS!

I love the cameraman friend who asks “Are you good?!”

Always wear a skid-lid folks 🙂

Have an outstanding week.
Longer ramblings next week, I promise.


p.s. Never mind “Three Lions on my shirt”, how about “two lions to advertise my seafood restaurant!”

4 thoughts on “All roads lead to El Misti…

  1. Your foot looks sore!!
    Can we post owt to you (hair product/tea bags) is the new gaff reliable when it comes to receiving post??
    Email me your new address anyhow mate! X

    1. Hey there Aly
      Good to hear from you.
      I hopped round the race!
      Post is always a bit dodgy here.
      Muchas gracias for the offer though.
      Will keep a suitcase aside for Brylcreem & Dax next August 🙂

  2. The intrigue is killing me!
    Will the foot heal? Will the 200 last forever? Is there a Peruvian alternative to Brylcreem?

    Hope you’ve run a ripper race this week in all things Johnny and you stand tall above El Misti !

    One and only Bravo 👏

    1. Hola hermano
      The foot didn´t heal, but I hobbled round!
      It was a big night/morning out.
      Brylcreem is unique, but I´m scouting around for an alternative.
      Onwards and upwards 🙂

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