Alternatives to the Silver Streak!!!

The road to UlaanBaatar is not a plain & straightforward (nor entirely tarmaced) road.
Some cars will make it, some won’t.
Our Silver Streak seems to be tootling along quite nicely at the moment. Rally spotlights fitted & a new horn installed.
Plenty more minor mods to squeeze in afore July 14th though.

I have seen a few alternatives this week.
1) The Mini-tank (obviously without a gun) which I saw yesterday when I was slipping-&-a-sliding up & down Great Whernside.
No road-no problem. Nailed-on-will-get-there. The only problem could be installing a 998cc Micra engine.
Not sure we’d get to UB before Christmas (2013) though.

2) The Fleabay bargain! This is worth a bid just for the description. Will go the trip/distance. Sadly, it is ever so slightly outside the age limit for 2012 (and the engine would need chopping in half, or exactly half it’s under-bonnet functions disabling)

3) Colin Furze’s World record beating Mobility Scooter.
The man, the legend, Colin Furze: Plumber, stuntman and filmmaker from Stamford. Currently the Guiness World Record holder for the World’s Largest Bonfire, the World’s Longest Motorbike & the World’s fastest Mobility Scooter.
Will be good on gas & has room for the shopping too.

In a way, I’m glad we bought the Silver Streak when we did, otherwise I’d really be scratching my head now!

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