An exciting new sponsor – MOUNTAINEERING DESIGNS.

By an interesting chain of events at the weekend, I ended up at the HQ of Mountaineering Designs, in a beautiful corner of the South Lakes. There I had a long conversation with Dave, the owner of Mountaineering Designs, Regeneration Specialists of down equipment, since 1972 (the year I was born!)
Mountaineering Designs have agreed to sponsor us & have joined the small group of amazing companies, that have joined the team.
We are very, very pleased to have them on-board.

Cleaning a down sleeping bag/jacket, is a job that one can do oneself, but it is not something that one can get wrong.
I’d been putting off and putting off cleaning my two down sleeping bags, they have needed doing for a while.
Cleaning a down bag/jacket not only improves the performance, but also extends its lifetime, it is worth doing & it is worth doing by people who know what they are doing.
Thanks to Jay at, I came across Mountaineering Designs. A family run enterprise, with over 40 years of knowledge and experience.
Regeneration Specialists in down equipment.

A good night’s kip is essential for performance. A bad night’s sleep can make one grouchy and grumpy (a Nissan Micra is not a big enough container for two people in a bad mood for 4 weeks, especially when driving on some of the World’s worst roads).
That’s why we are very, very pleased have fresh & good-as-new down sleeping bags, cleaned by MOUNTAINEERING DESIGNS.
If you need your down sleeping bag or jacket cleaning, make them the top of your list! Telephone: 015395-36333 or check out their excellent website. Tell them I sent you :-)

Thank you.

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