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Game over – Cusco-a-no-go :-(

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust you had a mightily fine weekend and that this finds you in tiptop form. Here is your weekly wrap-up of Lima news and goings-on: – Home alone with the Nipper! – The ex-president and his wife have been jailed! – A mini-Ibiza foam party in our street. – 2017 running… Continue Reading

The road to Yungay/A Perfect Storm…

Mongol Rally

Good morning folks I trust this finds you in superb form. Monday morning has come early! As I will be on an overnight bus back to Lima (or lost/missing in the Andes), I thought it prudent to scribble a short blog in advance. Lots of stuff going on; General Elections, “milk” that is not milk but in… Continue Reading

Slippery sidewalks, sickness and sidestepping…

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Good morning folks Welcome to the Monday morning blog. ============================================================================= I try to keep this as apolitical as possible. It has been a shocking week in the news, more deaths, tragedy and sheer horror. Not a day goes by nowadays without some horrible, unthinkable atrocity, home or overseas. Paris, Mancester, London: Innocent, defenceless people, going about their lives. A… Continue Reading

Norman Walsh, now in Peru…

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Good morning folks I trust you had thee most superb weekend. Here is your weekly roll-up of Lima happenings. A busy old week, the usual midweek fraught franticity and a chilled weekend. It is a weekly collective of my observations, events and news from the big, bad capital. Nothing is meant as criticism, I am… Continue Reading

¡Feliz día de la madre!

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Good morning folks Here is the weekly round-up of nonsense/happenings/news in looney-tunes-Lima. A busy old week, rounded off with “El dia de la madre” (Mother’s Day), a different date to Blighty, but the same as the US and Australia. (Father’s Day is the same date, here). It would be a massive understatement to say that… Continue Reading