Avon calling…

Good evening folks

When we first cooked up the idea of doing the rally, I bought a little gem entitled, “How to build a Low-cost Rally Car”.
I started to read it, then promptly lost it, never to be found again.
One thing I did manage to glean/remember from this remarkable little book, was the importance of having some decent tyres.
The fabled tyre mentioned again & again, was the mighty Avon Avanza. I asked around a few local tyre dealers, but nobody had heard of them, nor stocked them. So I forgot about it for a while.

I did a bit of research on the interweb, then thought, “I’ll call Avon Tyres, surely they must have a technical/Customer Services section.” So I did. The first person I spoke to, listened briefly to my jumbled question, then transferred me immediately, like a hot potato. A bellowing voice then answered, from Mr. Head of Sales – International Rally section. I asked my mumbled question again & then there was a long pause, silence.
Mr Head of Sales didn’t sound too impressed with the idea of the Silver Streak tonking 10’000 miles across Europe & Central Asia, and told me that he couldn’t really help, not really his manor. Hmm, a bad start.
Not to be deterred however, I did some more internet rummaging & discovered that, pricewise, these magical tyres were a bit out of my reach anyway.
The first place (a well-known tyre place, using the 1st, 19th & 20th letters of the alphabet), and a second place, (who name themselves after a rapid tyre change, but manage to spell the first word wrong), both seemed a tad confused why a Micra driver would want an Avon Avanza. “Yeah mate, we can get them in, ’bout 300 quid mate…”
Then I discovered a garage in the fine county of Cumbria, Camskill Performance of Whitehaven, who had their last four Avanza AV10s on special offer, a touch over £50-a-piece.
For someone who has never, ever bought a brand new tyre, ever, always relying on cheapo get-me-through-my-MOT-part-worns, to actually buy 4 brand new tyres, was quite a big step!
So, I bit the bullet & put it on my ever growing Visa card.

Today, I was just getting off to sleep, after a long weekend of nightshifts, when a rather jolly delivery man brought these four beauties to the their new home. (I know I shouldn’t really get too giddy about tyres, lack of sleep is a terrible thing).
They are way too chunky for Blighty’s fair roads, so I’ll keep them in the spare room until a week afore the Big Day.
Just 130 days to go!
More news to follow real soon, but first, I need to tackle the Visa application, more coffee please…

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