Good morning folks
(Or good evening, as I am writing this in Blighty on Sunday night and you might be reading it now, or even good afternoon, as you may be reading it in Peru on Sunday afternoon! That covers both of my readers!)


Back in Blighty and loving every minute :-)

The blog may be a tad shorter this week, under the cosh timewise (crazy AM start tomorrow) and I am scribbling this on a Mac, which you may say is the same-dog-with-more-hair than a PC, but somebody has every so slightly moved/tinkered with some bits and bats.


Anyway, this is the weekly wrap-up of nonsense from

The road to Jorge Chavez…

Work on Monday, pack Tuesday, maybe unpack some boxes from the move (!) and an easy day Wednesday for an evening flight…

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Dream on boy!

More like, work Monday, go to Jockey Plaza twice and Plaza Vea three times Tuesday.
Pack like lunatics on Wednesday, finish just in time for the taxi…
Hit the usual wall of traffic as soon as we left the house, then the taxista revealed his secret weapon “The Tunnel!”

I didn’t even know they had built a tunnel, but they have and it goes right under the river Rimac and brings you out opposite the airport, magic :-)


Chocks away!!!


Checked in, got on, bloke in front reclined immediately (groan), got fed (several times), didn’t sleep a wink, (luckily the Wee One did!)


Lost luggage :-/

Arrived at Amsterdam in absolute scorchio weather, very tight connection time in which time one bag was lured away by the bright (red) lights of Amsterdam and thus wasn’t at Leeds Bradford, meaning a hat-trick in recent trips of lost bags!

(Apart from that KLM were ace and did get the missing bag back the day after, so the Nipper and i didn’t have to wear the same clothes for a month!)


I always use duffel bags, which are
a) Lighter.
b) Bigger (weight-to-size ratio)
c) An absolute nightmare when you have several of the above and no trolley.

Needless to say, Leeds Bradford had no trolleys!

My Dad picked us up an we were away to the Costa del Taddy :-)


Unrationed tea and other simple pleasures…

After 22hrs door-to-door, I was quickly attached to a tea drip.


Felt wasted for 2 days and did not a lot. Steady away.

The Nipper rid a pony, went to the park a lot and was treated to a trip to Asda.
(Where the building of my fantasy food stash began…)


Tockwith Show!

My Dad had entered his tractor in the tractor show at Tockwith Show on Sunday, so we went along for a nosey. Like most things local, it was an event I’d never been to and it was a top day out!

38643156_446516052513075_2903174845854384128_n 38469041_1858107980924851_8858814203452981248_n 38501237_2125125757729056_89564615175831552_n

All manner of animals, stalls, competitions, flat cap throwing, rides, food, ale, expensive ice creams were on offer.
There was a mini Clunk show too :-)


38484123_257173708226166_9068083710401708032_n 38489876_290213558402947_790055690751180800_n
Spotted a few beauties in the classic car show :-)

38457923_213634652665676_287196985545457664_n (1) 38509649_666913943663447_7979449044353155072_n 38481188_447237252444609_1766523751106609152_n 38528546_225761118277838_1595656697802653696_n 38519055_287579528675537_2431788411158265856_n 38614740_2049322555383071_3562623201064255488_n 38544383_1874733669497524_1671156673768587264_n 38540482_1194666457359132_5855948102891995136_n 38534430_1776638982450042_2273899649511194624_n



Above all, i have just been listening to the sound of silence!


My folks live on a quiet edge of the town and in less than half a mile you’re in the sticks.
So, I have been running as much as possible, but not really as far as I should be.
My original plan was to run the Borrowdale fell race on the Saturday, but as most of my daydreams are, it was an overambitious plan.


Need to pull my finger out though, because…

El Misti/MISTI SKY RACE entered!!!

There was a special “pre-entry” offer before the 2nd of August, so to save myself a tenner and give myself a training target, I clicked a few buttons and paid my dosh.


The Misti Sky Race is one of the highest sky marathons in the World (up to 5822m, 19,101ft in old money) over a 26 mile up-&-down/A-to-B course, basically through a desert and over a volcano!


105 days and counting. In which time I will puzzle out how to get there and back in a weekend!

And finally…

I once went off on a school trip on what was called “Adventure Week”.
One activity on offer was horse riding.
The group was to be split into experienced riders and novices.
I had ridden a pony called Silver, a few times, so I thought of myself as “experienced”.
When I was given a wild mustang to tame, I immediately wished I had been more honest.
After less than quarter of a mile it had thrown me, but I got back on…


Years later (funny thing is selective memory) I started riding again, twice a week at a riding school in Swillington. Like most pursuits I was pretty much useless, but I enjoyed it and did actually once win a show jumping show (not a gymkhana), I retired at my peak!


The Wee One has now taken on the baton and is already better than me.
This VIDEO shows the first time she ever went above a walk :-)

Have an awesome week.
More next week :-)

Johnny, Lina & the Nipper

p.s. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, you rock :-)



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