Better DNS than DNF?


Good morning folks

I trust you had a superbly fantastic weekend and that this finds you in finest form.
Here is your weekly round-up/wrap-up from the city of Bank Holidays on a Saturday!
On a day when most of my running mates were running marathons, well done to Jhon (RPP), Marie (Boston) and Angela (York) :-)



Well, after an up-&-down week, a decision was made at the 11th hour not to run in the RPP (half) marathon. It was a race that I had truly trained my a$$ off for, but that’s running for you!

I went to a Physio on Tuesday morning, making the 90 minute battle to Miraflores, to be told that my appointment was actually on Wednesday (I was very early). When I asked them to double-check, she said it was in fact Tuesday, but they had now booked my slot (no apologies). I was told to could come back in an hour, which I did.

I studied Physiology and half of a Sports Therapy course (long story) and do know my own body,I knew what I had done, but not how to fix it, so a few alarm bells started ringing during my diagnosis/assessment when I was told various things (that I believe weren’t quite true), but I took the professional advice given and respected the therapist’s ideas.

Their diagnosis was not actually that bad, I was told to apply heat (and not ice), stretch and go for a run. You should be fine to run on Sunday, I was told. Another treatment on Thursday and I tried out my duff leg. It hurt, a lot, but did wear off. Another run on Friday was more painful and didn’t wear off, so I made the decision not to run, as my leg is properly jeffed!
The Wee One has been cracking the whip at home though…

physioThe Nipper is a hard Taskmaster!

physio2but puts the graft in herself!


I went to pick up my kit and goodie bag, where I saw my mate Saucony Jhon (who ran 1:15!)
He put me on to his Physio/Coach, who I’m seeing this week, so watch this space…



I am lucky to know the fine folk at Alpkit as friends. I first stumbed across the company about 10yrs ago when looking for a headtorch. They have grown and grown and GROWN!
They make some awesome kit and it is all well-made and at a good price. I love it :-)

I do some occasional writing for them. Here is my latest scribbling:



The style of driving here is a complete battle. Most cars are battered and bruised, it is a war of attrition, not always “might-is-right”. more a case of “who dares, cuts in”. It is a miracle that there are not more accidents. It does feel like a mass brawl between a load of drunkards, none of whom are really sure/aware/conscious of what they are actually doing.

On two wheels, you are exceptionally vulnerable, the bottom of the ladder, lowest of the low.
The trick is to get out of trouble, get ahead at the lights and get a flier when they turn green.
(Even on a diddy Clunk like mine, you still get away quicker than most cars). The weaving/filtering is a nerve-racking affair. It feels like you are climbing on a route which is way above your level, but you just keep climbing, until you get to the next piece of protection.

There isn’t a lot of biker camaraderie, nor spatial awareness of other bikes. I have seen many two-bike crashes at the lights, mainly Amber-Gamblers, or taxis shooting a red and the bike always comes off worst. I have also seen what nobody likes to see, a cover at the side of the road, (which everybody was driving around, this is Lima).

On Thursday I saw something which made me whince and also wonder…

Walking to work across the bridge crossing “Evitamiento” (a horrendous toll road, where I got clipped/squeezed-up), I have to dodge a large group of exceptionally pushy, physical and aggressive gypsy women. They have never actually managed to stop me, but do grab hold of everybody passing. My miserable face and dodgy Spanish must put them off!

I then heard the sickening noise of a bike sliding/scraping down the road.
A taxi had cut-up a bike and caught his front wheel. The bike went down and slid along the middle lane, the rider laid out holding his arm, and the traffic just riding around him, honking their horns. Nobody stopped to help. He wasn’t dead and he could move, but he was in a bad spot.

If I could have got down their to help I would, but he was stranded in the middle lane and I would have got killed trying to get to him. I jogged on ahead as there is normally a traffic Cop (on their phone) at the other side of the bridge. When I told them there’d been an accident, they just looked at me, no emotion, no alarm and no sign of going to help. I threw my hands in the air and gave up!

Bank Holiday weekend…

Saturday was a bank holiday! Therefore no kids classes and a trio of options:

a) To the mountains! A 5000m+ peak with a bunch of friends.
b) A colleagues 40th birthday bash.
c) A full day Clunking in the sticks, with a big route planned

Saturday morning was chaotic in the house, so option (a) dwindled and disappeared.
The Nipper was in feisty form on Saturday night and rebelled against going to bed, so option number (b) vanished and as it was gone midnight when everyone else was in bed, my planned (option c)  4am start on Sunday (having got nothing ready) also evaporated!
All three failures were my own faffing, feckless fault.

However, plan (d) came into force!


kiss playground stay off the grass pic3

Not all was lost, we got to go on a miniature steam train and the Wee One had another face tattoo :-)


Lost and found!

Lost: My patience, passion and interest.
I used to love it here, genuinely love it, but this love has faded and disappeared. I don’t know why, but the passion has been replaced by a general irritability and short-temperedness. Things that used to excite me here just make me angry now. I’ve fallen into the headphones-in/head-down trap, going through the motions to get through the week. I do feel bad about it, but the chaos, lack of order and lack of logic have got to me.
I apologise for the whinge, I’m just not 100% sure that Lima is the best place for me/us. Somebody who has moved house 35 times obviously has some “issues”, but I’ll try to keep my chin up and keep smiling. I am lucky to have a beautiful wife and Nipper, who put up with my grumpiness, I like my job/colleagues (not the hours) but I’m ready for moving on…

Found: The Predator watch :-)


I bought a bargain watch on Amazon and had it shipped out here (in the package that took 8 weeks). It was stuck in Chinese Mandarin mode and had me scratching my head for 24hrs (online instructions were also in Chinese). After a lot of button pressing and cursing, I fettled it.
Then lost it!


I had blamed it on the Nipper, but I think it was me who put it in a “safe place”.

And finally…

A brilliant two minute video, well worth a watch (which I think I ought to watch this again myself too!)

As they say ‘oop in Yorkshire, think on!

Have an awesomely upbeat week.

Johnny, Lina and the Nipper

p.s. A quiet Nipper is usually up to something…

r2 rumbledRumbled!

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