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Silver Streak Sound System!

After the major disappointment & heartbreak of the last fleabay purchase, I’ve invested a bit more brass this time (£2.45 to be precise), on this little bit of technological magic. As the packaging says “The car stereo set broadcasts to convert the music” I’m sure the extra cost will be worthwhile for keeping us in… Continue Reading

Alternatives to the Silver Streak!!!

The road to UlaanBaatar is not a plain & straightforward (nor entirely tarmaced) road.Some cars will make it, some won’t.Our Silver Streak seems to be tootling along quite nicely at the moment. Rally spotlights fitted & a new horn installed. Plenty more minor mods to squeeze in afore July 14th though. I have seen a… Continue Reading Top Tips episode III, coming soon…

Following episodes I & II of Top Tips. Episode III will be coming to a youtube screen near you soon. (Probably in about 2 weeks time).  The two chaps in the photo above obviously haven’t seen our Top Tips – Towing video just yet! Expect more stunts, more action, more drama, more Top Tips… Continue Reading “101 Likes” Grand Draw…

Good evening folks The “101 Likes” Grand Draw has been drawn.The video of this salubrious occasion was captured on youtube. The three lucky winners were: – Barni Marney (follower No.100)- Carl Hoodless (Follower No.101)- David Lindsay (Lucky Draw Winner) A choice of one of three prizes to be chosen from: a) Their facebook profile… Continue Reading

Here is the eagerly anticipated episode II of “Top Tips”. There may be times between Leeds & UlaanBaatar, when one needs a tow, or to tow another rallier.Team shows how it’s done… BIG thanks to Dannyboy, the man behind the camera. CheersJohnny & Lina

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