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Pugnans ad taedium in mundo macerendum… Can an event/occurrence/incident be life-changing?Well, a film we saw just under 12 months ago did just that! We saw the formidable “Mongol Rally” film when it was screened at the excellent Hope Valley Adventure Film Festival. “One stand-up comic, no planning, bugger all money, 10,000 miles, no car… Adventurism… Continue Reading

Rally Christmas pressies!

I trust that you’re all having a mighty fine in-between-Christmas-and-New-Year-time, that your turkeys were all cooked to perfection & that the stout bearded chap in red, brought you some delightful goodies.A fairly quiet one for the team, but very enjoyable indeed.As you can see from the pic, Lina was overjoyed with her selection of… Continue Reading

The Grand Christmas Beer Raffle Results.

Just to confirm the winning tickets (all claimed now). 1st – Ticket No.132 – D.Ford 2nd – Ticket No.29 – P.Marney 3rd – Ticket No.54 – G.Johnson Plus, bonus tickets; (a delicious 4-pack of lovely John Smith’s Smooth each) to Number 50 – K.Fox Number 91 – S. Nash Number 137 – M.Shaw Number 173… Continue Reading

Grand Christmas Beer Raffle – To the Winner, the spoils…

On Thursday 22nd December, Mr. Dave Ford, the lucky winner of the Grand Christmas Beer Raffle, received his grand prize: Enough beer to keep any healthy thirst at bay, throughout the Festive Season and beyond…Purely for the record, the choice of the champion was a heady mixture of John Smith’s Smooth, Tiger Beer, Sagres, Fosters… Continue Reading

Featured team of the Adventurists!!!

Just a lightning quick post, afore I head to work… We are extremely proud (and stoked) to be the first featured team on the Adventurists website, on facebook and on twitter. Absolutely brilliant, I have a permanent grin like a Cheshire Cat on speed. Please check out the splendid Adventurists site HEREAlso on facebucktoo and… Continue Reading

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