Good morning folks

I trust you had a mighty fine weekend.
Here is the weekly wrap-up of happenings in Lima.
I’ll try to change the record this week. Will try not to whinge about traffic, noise and ar$eh0le neighbours!


A 4-day week, thanks to the “Cumbre de las Americas” which necessitated closing a short stretch of road which necessitated a two-day public holiday, yes please :-)

30708860_10160335213005302_8327880907646042112_nNot sure if this punter is a language teacher or is going to cook me breakfast!



Cumbre de las Americas.

Donald Trumper was supposed to be coming to town but was too busy tweeting/trying to start a war, so he sent Ivanka instead.


The city was suspiciously quiet, due to the fact that many punters left town and the fact that a small bit of Av. Javier Prado was closed, meaning a main traffic artery was severed.


It felt a bit like the set of Black Hawk Down at times, with choppers buzzing overhead at all hours. The streets were busy with Busies too, crime in Miraflores must have been minimal and off the scale in all other areas (as all the cops were in Miraflores!)


Apparently corruption (trying to stop it) was on the agenda, let’s see if it makes any difference…


On track/payback/setback…

I absolutely love running on the track, I don’t know why, maybe it’s the fact that there are no potholes, dogs, blind/distracted/unpredictable pedestrian punters, traffic, or maybe it’s just something that I never really did at school.

(Any prowess in middle/long distance running I ever showed was rewarded with an entry into the 100m hurdles, athletics was a joke at school!)


I stumbled across a local track called Chipoco, just down the road and as my new training programme had 8x1000m reps, the track was just the ticket. A huge party of school kids (doing their utmost to avoid doing any sport) were wandering about aimlessly and a lot of punters hanging around doing nothing, so apart from dodging a gardener/caretaker digging up the inside of the first lane and two huge hosepipes to hop over, I had the place almost to myself.

A sweaty morning, but one of those rare days you get once in a blue moon, when running feels easy and times, whilst not setting the track alight, were what I was after.


The joy wasn’t to last long, when I woke up the day after hobbling around. A 10 miler to “try it out” is never wise, so I went to see my saviour/magician/physio, Super Maro. With the Lima marathon on my mind, paranoia set in a bit, then I got some kind of horrible rash, but my leg hasn’t dropped off, so we’ll see what happens this week…


Long weekend in a hotel in Amsterdam.


The weekend suddenly arrived, not far off the tail of Easter and our plans were not-a-lot.
Got out for a few shandies on Saturday night with my good mate, James B.


A curry on Sunday.

30728321_10160335212320302_1963389680267296768_n 30726036_10160335213095302_5520029712715350016_n

A stroll along the prom-prom-prom in the arvo, autumn is here, but summer is digging his heels in. I am not complaining :-)

30739618_10160335211910302_2032736677495046144_n 30727998_10160335212490302_6944700691562627072_n 30729843_10160335211565302_2347983192507547648_n 30730071_10160335212380302_2939255543258152960_n Ingenious surfboard carrier!30726359_10160335212550302_3607679306374840320_n 30725358_10160335213020302_2914598243385999360_n 30704177_783657678501248_3555185502901951046_n

Zack’s flashback!

There are some days when I feel ancient, brought on by certain questions in certain classes from the textbook at work.

Bearing in mind that the average age taken from all 4 classes that I have each day is probably around 17-18 years old.

1) What do you remember from the 1990s?
2) How did you celebrate the new millennium?

I always get a student raising their hand and saying “Teacher, I wasn’t born then!

I am a spritely 45 and life is full of different challenges and joys and at times, lows, these days, but for me the 1990s were the absolute heyday of my life! Crazy times, mainly alcohol-fuelled high times with good mates, back when going out was still affordable without taking out a second mortgage and selling a kidney!

The problem was this stuff!


7.2% nectar.
Deceptive and drinkable and disastrous. Elephant Beer, a Danish jewel with a dark side. Whatever it contained it normally sent people loopy! None of us took drugs, with that stuff you didn’t need to.

(There was a mythical “Black Elephant” which fortunately we never found!
“Red Thunderbird” was also a tipple, but that is another story altogether).


Leeds was our playground and the prime attraction was a late bar called “Zack’s”…


One Saturday afternoon whilst shopping in town, a razor sharp salesman approached me on the street with a “VIP discount card” for the very same place. The lad wouldn’t take no for an answer and it sounded like a bargain, so I dipped in my pocket.

The food at Zack’s was good and with said card, it was a giveaway and with cheap booze thrown in too, it was never going to last. (Ashamedly I was barred from the pub soon after for repeated over-giddiness incidents, so I never got the full use from the card).

Fast forward to Saturday night in 2018, whilst taking advantage of the happy hour in a Colombian bar, I was approached by two saleswomen, who weren’t taking no for an answer, so I coughed up the 20 soles (a hefty £4.35) and now have a special VIP discount card for several establishments in the World’s biggest shopping centre, Jockey Plaza.


I do fear that these establishments will say “Not another one! No mate, these aren’t worth one centavo!” 

We shall see…

Our man in Colombia.


My mate George is currently pedalling his way around the highlands and lowlands of neighbouring Colombia. I first met George when he worked at Rock + Run, one of my favourite places to spend money!


George is a first-class climber and potholer.

g4 g3

Cycling is also one of his passions.

g g2

George is currently heading southwards through Latin America with his missus, Lauren, on an epic trip from Bogotá, Colombia down to Ushuaia, (southernmost city in the World, next stop from there is the South Pole!) Self-sufficient, panniers-n-all. Taking the road less-travelled, avoiding madhouses like Lima (not especially bike-friendly). Colombianos are mad-keen cyclists by nature and some of the trails there are outstanding, a highlight so far being “el Trampolín de la Muerte” from Mocoa to Laguna de la Cocha. The food sounds good (value) tucker too, (Bandeja Paisa – rice, beans, pork, chicken, chorizo, arepa, patacones, chicharrón, fried egg and an avocado gives a few calories for the road!)

g6 g5 g8 g9 g10 g11


Catching up with our man in Colombia, approaching the Ecuadorian border, here are a few pics of the trip so far (all pics courtesy of George).

More on-the-trail reports to follow!

Happy pedalling amigos :-)

Raiders round-up.

All good things come to an end :-(

30739901_367333600433994_5145192931652534272_n 30726737_367332483767439_6159352250608123904_o 30726206_367332943767393_2867400972324306944_n

After 23 months, the mighty Shipbuilders lost their unbeaten home record to an in-form Featherstone on Sunday. The flat-cappers proved to just have the edge over Barrow, who held their own for so long. 26:38 at the final hooter.

30729617_367334467100574_429064505566167040_n 30715575_367333747100646_7315365027861495808_n 30713992_367332570434097_8974483986336186368_n 30712364_367333580433996_6523217383094484992_o 30704534_367332530434101_3534636652997640192_n

Some tough games ahead. Toronto Wolfpack in the (Challenge) Cup and Leigh in the league.

Onwards and upwards…

(All pics courtesy of Steve Miller Sports Photography, awesome shots!)

Clever crook?

Crime is something that everybody is affected by and here in Lima, everybody has a story.


I’ve been robbed, I was a bit naïve and dropped my guard when a sticky-fingered tea-leaf relieved me of my rucksack (with a camera with 500 pics I hadn’t downloaded and an ipod, I hadn’t backed up! You live and learn).

Crafty buggers they are. Even though Peru has more Police (140,000) than any other Latin American country, the baddies seem to have the upper hand :-(

However, there are some folk who are more than a hamper short of a picnic!

A good mate of mine unfortunately had his pushbike stolen, he was on a weekend away and was alerted by the “Huachiman” that his bike had gone from the underground car park, however, there was more to this story…

It soon transpired that the crook had an accomplice and both of these scumbags actually lived in the same building (as my mate) and that they had also half-inched several other bikes.

The girlfriend distracted the Huachiman, asking him to help move some furniture, then the lad went downstairs, turned off the CCTV monitor and casually wheeled the bike out of the building. One schoolboy error was committed however.

He didn’t realise that turning the telly off wouldn’t stop the recording!!!


So, the family was approached and after denial and then confession, the crook went to the dodgy downtown den where stolen goods are openly sold and miraculously the bike was still there and (eventually) found its way back to its rightful owner.

Good guys 1:0 dumbass crooks!

And finally…

The Nipper must have seen me trying to use my foam roller. (Pic posed by model, not me).


Caught her doing THIS yesterday morning :-)

That’s all for now folks.
Have an ace week!


Johnny, Lina & the Nipper

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