Dannyboy done it!

Good morning folks

I trust you had a splendidly superb weekend.
Here is the weekly wrap-up from Limaland, the Monday morning Superclunk.com blog.


Well done Dannyboy!


My awesome youngest brother did his marathon on Sunday romping round the Manchester course in 3hrs 49mins, 28mins faster than his previous best time, raising £725 for Autism Angels. Good work man :-)


You can still donate at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/danny-parsons3

A big THANK YOU to all of those who donated :-)

World War Z…

I take the Nipper to school at 7am, it is about 4 miles and takes just under an hour door-to-door. Distances are meaningless here, it is the (unpredictable) time it takes to get from A-to-B.

The public transport system could be best described as “informal”.
Buses (combis, micros, custers and big-buses) don’t run on a timetable, don’t have official stops and fares vary. It is generally cheap, but not especially comfortable (if you are over 4ft tall!)


As we waited, not so much in a queue, for there is no queue system, but at the front, we were physically barged out of the way for the first bus, and the second and the third. When the same thing happened with the fourth bus, I lost the plot a bit. Animals, wild animals would have more manners. It is a battle, just to get on a bloody bus!


When the 5th bus turned up we managed to get on, but were so late that we had to practically sprint the last mile walk, to arrive on time!

Mars bars, coke and meat pies!
(I used to have a pair of those shoes, Reebok Paris, they never went as fast as his though!)
As a lad, one of my absolute running heroes was a Welshman called Steve Jones (not of the Sex Pistols). An RAF Aircraft technician also known as the King of Pain!
Famous for winning the 1985 London Marathon in 2:08:16, despite having to stop for the khazi and winning the 1984 Chicago marathon in a World record of 2:08:05. As he didn’t used to wear a watch, he wasn’t even aware of this until the last 2 miles when he really put the hammer down! He used to train on Mars bars, diet coke and meat pies.
I just run as hard as I can for 20 miles and then race” he said.
He still holds the fastest marathon time for a Brit too.
Chicago in 1985, going through halfway in 1:01:42, to in 2:07:13.
Numbers and times, but bloody unbelievable numbers and times. I might get back on the meat pies!
(There is a very interesting article on him right HERE).
His no-nonsense approach reminds me very much of an old training partner of mine, also called Steve, from the Library. Steve was a bit older than me, with heaps of experience. He’d run over 150 marathons back then (including sub 3hrs in fancy dress!) Never taking a day off, never running at an easy pace and always giving me a complete beasting, every day!
Any success I had back then was down to him, as every single session, 5 days a week, was a race. We were all travelling to London for the Civil Service Cross Country championships one year when we hit a wall of traffic on the M1. If we had driven at 100mph for the last 100 miles, we would have just made the start, so we turned around and headed back ‘oop north.
Determined to get a session in after being sat in a car for 7hrs, he dragged me round 4 laps on the trading estate, 20 miles in 2hrs. I couldn’t do that in a car nowadays! He was brilliant at getting you psyched (mainly by winding you up) and at my first ever marathon, Manchester in 2001, I was so wound up that I set off like a looney and went through halfway in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Obviously this was completely, stupidly unsustainable and my wheels fell off very soon after and I lumbered home in 2hrs 51mins. (Steve trotted past me at some point in 2:48 and Al, another BL runner, in 2:45, first team!)
mancThinking “Never, ever, ever, ever again…”
Why am I getting all nostalgic about the past? Because I have been training my sorry ar$e off and seem to be getting slower! The mind is very good at remembering certain details and completely forgetting others. I was younger, fitter and had somebody to beat me up in training every day. Here I just have a million road crossings and mental drivers to deal with!
The Lima marathon is 6 weeks away. I am frantically trying to convert to metric and kilometres. After a lifetime of miles and with my new training plan in KM, I am getting good at dividing 5 by 8 (or is it 8 by 5?)
Anyroad, I got in over 100km this week and my legs didn’t drop off!
Next week.
The “Summit of the Americas” is being held in Lima on Friday and Saturday, which means that they have to close some roads to ensure some World leaders don’t have a commute like mine, which means a public holiday, which means a 4-day week, which means we’ll all have to make up a day at some other point in the month, but I’ll happily take Friday :-)
My commute to work is a shade over 6 miles/10km. On Friday, after an hour and forty five minutes, I still hadn’t arrived, as I sweated my way up Av. Javier Prado, I just thought to myself, “this is absolute bollocks!” It would be quicker to hop, backwards.
2 buses to work, 3 buses home, leave house at noon, home at 11pm!
Not sure how long I can keep it up, a plan of action is required!
Ale time!
After being on antibiotics (bad guts) and abstaining (training) from the shandy for a l-o-n-g time, the fast was broken this week on a long-awaited session with two amigos by the name of James.
A few tinnies at my gaff, then happy hour Pilsen at the French bar (which is about as French as I am, but the cerveza is cheap!)
Needless to say, I suffered like a sickly dog all day Sunday…
Red tape?
I may have dropped a monumental clanger, I will find out tomorrow, more details next week, hopefully not from prison :-/
The shower of b######s downstairs at the Chinese restaurant win the MDGAF award again this week, there are others in the competition, but none so consistent as these noisy feckers!
The band playing until 2am on a weekend are bad enough, but a daily fixture is the moving of all the metal tables every night at 11pm. Good work!
Raiders round-up!
A busy week for the mighty Shipbuilders.
A 16:16 draw against Swinton Lions on Easter Monday, just hanging to an unbeaten-at-home record (since 2016), then to France on Saturday, Toulouse, and unfortunately the name summed up the result.
Slumping to a 50-4 defeat, against one of the top teams in the league, it was not a good day at the office.
Onward and upwards against Featherstone next weekend, at home to the flat-cappers.
Every game is a cup final in this league for Barrow…
I don’t go on facebook as much as I used to a few years back, but I was surprised to receive this request today! As far as I am aware I don’t live in Albania, but this lad does seem to have a bit too much in common to accept as a new friend!
If he is cloning me, he can happily have my bus commute.
If you do receive any requests from a Johnnie Bravo (“ie” not”y”), it is not me!
THIS is me!
30414628_10156034338020042_4973824556880887808_nThe World’s smallest cup of coffee (supposedly a double) sadly clashed badly with my handbag…
And finally…
A musical ending this week!
I stumbled across this fine tune/video whilst looking for something else on YouTube.
It is a catchy little number, reminiscent somewhat of the Nutty Boys themselves…
That’s all for now folks.
Have a fantastically awesome week!
Johnny, Lina & the Nipper
p.s. The Wee One takes after her Mum with her penchant for handbags,
30415211_10156034338420042_5342330616278941696_nand after her Old Man with her scatterbrain ideas, like tying the bag she was carrying to the cord on her hat!

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