Day IV

After the Czech-out party,it was always going to be a long day… Pulled by the traffic cops for not having a “vignette” with a fine ranging from £30 to £600.Pretended I didn’t understand (which was easy as I didn’t) & started to empty the boot & take my shoes off.The distraction failed & I was summoned to their van.The Silver Streak was photographed.Managed to get fine down to £15 & we were away.Torrential rain on&off.Pushed through Slovakia around dusk.Amazing scenery,castles & potholes.Coffeed-on into Poland at midnight & after a struggle found our Digs.Ferried our 200kg of gear in & slept like babies.The signs are getting more confusing,the roads are getting bumpier,but excitement ls growing.Tomorrow,the Ukraine!

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