Day V

Border crossings, ring roads & a fistful of Hryvnya… Bit of a latexstartcfrom Zakopane, Poland. An amazing place. Like a giant, giant Keswick in the Alps. Wooden houses galore: Fancy houses, upside-down houses & Scooby-Doo haunted houses. Plus one zillion tourists.We headed east to the border. Think Lina has been taking secret mapreading lessons,as she has suddenly become Naviguru II. Hit problems everytime we entered a town. Diversions, roadworks (on a monster scale) & no signs at all. Got lost every single time! Aiming for Lviv,but looks a long way away. Suddenly hit a huge line of parked trucks around 11pm. Decided to overtake them & suddenly arrived at the border (the unpronouncable town we’d been seeing signs for,but which wasn’t in our map must have meant “border” doh! An hour of queuing,document checks & opening our boot (really hoping that they wouldn’t ask us to empty it!) Then we were through into The Ukraine & some very confusing signs indeed. Stopped to change some readies in a little hut. Combination of a fried brain, Zlotys, Euros & a 100% possibility of getting fleeced,I got fleeced. Surprisingly good roads & maniac drivers soon got us to Lviv. Feeling like we really are heading into the unknown now…

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