Day VI – Ukraine

After arriving at crazy AM, it was nice to see Lviv in daylight. The centre was just like a cobbled Central Lima. Crazy traffic & very glad we had a sumpguard, when we hit the inclined tram tracks. After 2 attempts left town for Kiev. Lina was driving when we hit the (super-abrupt) speed trap & we were flagged down by a baton-waving policeman. 75kmh in a 50kmh zone. “Very serious, very serious” we were told, with a £50-£400 fine. All we had was 10 Hy (75p) & £20 Polish. We were taken into a back room & told off, then let go. We didn’t get a receipt! Continued on & got lost in next town looking for a cashpoint. Pulled again by a baton-man. Went for the “Spud from Trainspotting interview approach” with a road map & he waved us on. Kiev was getting closer & we really wanted to camp, but it was getting dark & we were on the equivalent of the M62. Pushed through the centre of a very nice looking city, looking for digs. Spent 2hrs (lost) somewhere near the airport. Tried a few 24hr “hotels” which weren’t actually hotels! Tried a place with Miss Surly 2012 as receptionist & were quoted a price that would have Abramovich blush, the price had doubled when we went back an hour later! Found another extortionate place but beggars couldn’t be choosers, so we paid up. Managed to set off my keyring alarm, then into the land of nod (whilst all the other punters chuntered about being woken up at 2am. Oops!)

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