Day VII – Ukraine

After a late night, a mega-early start was never likely. We we literally in the last bit of Kiev, (failed on the chicken front). Heading for Donetsk & Russian border. Hot tailwind & some good roads (& some monstrous potholes). Sussed out Police speed traps & had a fine-free day. Need to be in Volgograd by Saturday. 1000 miles+ Do-able? Most signs just in Cyrillic now (both fighting to drive, navigator’s nightmare!) Clicked over the 2000 mile mark. Looked for spots to camp, but still busy with groups of lads on battered scooters outside towns. Found a likely spot, but had a giant pile of vodka bottles :-/ Cooked up a Wayfayrer feast & found some cheap digs. Aiming for an early starter tomorrow. Russia here me come… (that is the plan!)

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