Apologies for radio blackout. Down to 1 phone & no wifi in’t sticks. Crossed border fuss-free. Bought Kazakh Sim card & phone now blocked. Roads varied from ok to shocking. Camped in an amazing thunder storm. Pestered to go swimming & drink vodka by a v.dodgy Russian. Almost out of fuel/water. Tiny villages miles apart. 11hrs to drive 100miles. Superfriendly locals. Met 1st team since CzechOut. Team of Choice (met briefly in Volgograd). Top lads from Blackpool/Preston in a Ka. Camped together & got moved on. Drove into a 2ft crater, just as Dan & Dave disappeared into distance…Drama. Could not get out. Game over? Trucker saved the day. Towed us out. Gave him a can of Fosters & mini-brandy. Sumpguard saved Silver Streak. Just checked everything over on Truck ramp. Roads suddenly improved.132km to Aktobe. Spirits are high :-D

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