A very exciting day. After a brilliant night’s kip in a great location, we hit the road towards Russia & very soon met our third team, The Desert Scousers, father & son, Mike & Rich. Africa Rally veterants in a new shape Micra. Then, straight away we met our forth team (since the CzechOut party), team (W)reckless, three cool German lads in a VW complete with deck chairs & a roof terrace! A mini comboy to the border. Ironically the last ten miles on tarmac were the smoothest yet.

We past though the Kazakh side in a very confusing manner. The Russian bit wasen’t quite as friedly, but then again, it must be a tedious job for these chaps & chapesses.
Hot sun quickly gave way to thunderstorms. We found a good place to camp, then just as we had got our tents up a Russian guy & family in a little pick-up drove straight across the field towards us. He shouted something unintelligible & sped off.

We all got cooking & swapped tales of our travels so far. It was great to camp with such a cool bunch of people & team (W)reckless set up a giant tarp rig, so it was a really cosy camp. Slep like a baby & woke up to brilliant sunshine.
Now we are all on the road towards Barnaul & into the Altai mountains. Not seen any hills since Zakopane, so we are really excited.

If we get some decent miles under our belts today we may hopefully get to the Mongolian border by tomorrow, but we will need to crack on!

Spirits are high, giddiness levels are out of control & we both have amazingly tanned righ arms!
A big thank you to Matthew P for the awesome walkie talkies. All three teams have one so we can communicate car to car. Top stuff!

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