Wi-fi in Mongolia is not too common, so very chuffed to find a hotspot :-)
Crikey, an action-packed few days! Convoying with 5 awesome teams: Team No Funeral/No going Yak, Team (W)reckless, Two-&-a-half-men, Desert Scousers & Fiestaless Adam &Mark. It has been pretty epic. Some hairy river crossings & bottomless bogs. The roads sometimes just vanish! The poor Desert Scousers have been unlucky; cracking their sump & smashing their rear axle. They limped into town (a tow truck lost a wheel & got lost!) Then finally gave up the ghost outside the Mechanic’s workshop. Currently being welded back to life! Potentially 2 days from UB. The Silver Streak has been a Star. Never complained once, not even a puncture, so keeping fingers & toes crossed. It has been an amazing adventure, with brilliant people in the most stunning of landscapes. Lina has become a superb rally driver. Not bad for someone who only passed their test 4mths ago! Absolutely loving every second…”

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