Well, after 18mths of planning, daydreaming, last-minute prepping/fretting & 26 days of driving good roads, bad roads, no roads, river crossings, bottomless swamps, corrugated tracks & potholes the size of Malta, WE DID IT!!!!
We were a 5-team convoy, but got separated yesterday, so we tootled into town with Team (W)reckless & The Desert Scousers (their back axle cracked again so they limped the last 200 miles).
An absolutely amazing adventure. The best thing I’ve ever done.
Very emotional.
Thanks to all our supporters,sponsors & followers.
Thanks to Dannyboy for taking care of the blogs.
Thanks to the fine chaps & chappesses at the Adventurists for orchestrating the madness.
Thanks & to Lina for putting up with my smelly feet & pre-caffeine moodswings.
Last-but-not-least, thanks to the mighty Silver Streak, a £995, 998cc Nissan Micra that never missed a beat on the whole trip (not even a puncture). Was sorry to hand over the keys. Hope you enjoy your new life in UB buddy.
Time for a cold beer & a shower (first in 12 days).
Job done!

Johnny & Lina – UB – 9th August 2012

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