Day XXVII-XXVIII: UlaanBaatar.

MR 2012

Crikey. It’s been an emotional few days here.
After the sheer elation of finishing, we found some digs & before I got my first shower in 12 days, I washed the Silver Streak.
Don’t think the Receptionists were overimpressed with me traipsing up & down 4 flights of stairs 4 times, slopping buckets of water around & leaving a trail of increasingly muddy pawprints.
Took some cleaning, but it looked shiny-shiny afterwards.
(Two chaps asked for their photos taken with me & the car. They couldn’t believe we’d driven all the way from Blighty!)
Car washed, I got hosed down & spruced up.
Time for some cold beer at the Finish Line.
Amazing to catch up with other ralliers: our famous five convoy & other teams like the awesome Lemur Attack Force & Team of Choice, plus meeting new friends like the League of Mentalmen.
Couldn’t find anywhere serving food, so a kebab it was.
On Friday we visited the amazing Lotus Children’s Centre, on the outskirts of UB. The traffic here is that of legend, as manic as Lima, if not more so. The Centre is located in a beautiful neck-of-the-woods, surrounded by low hils & on a day of persistent rain, reminiscent of the Lakes. The kids we met were really happy. It is a well maintained place & provides an excellent level of education & support. Thanks to Anna for taking us there & for showing us round. We also met Didi, the founder of LCC. Good to finally meet team Ambulanbator Meyovpaulan & the legendary Karn on the bus ride there & back.
Back at the Finish Line we met up with Mr Joolz & Mr.Rob.
These are the fine Gentlemen who press all the magic buttons at Adventurists HQ & orchestrate the annual Mongol Rally madness.
Then came the emotional part of transferring the Silver Streak over.
I’ve never ever been attached to a car, but it was a sad moment to hand the keys over. The Silver Streak will be auctioned off & the proceeds go to the charity. It will be a cracking little motor for someone. From Leeds to UlaanBaatar without a hitch, not even a puncture! Impressive stuff for a 2003 998cc Micra.
More to follow on the Vodkafest that ensued later on at the 4-week Finish Line Party…

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