September 26, 2020

El Dorado, Top Thai tucker, Into Thin Air, house move 35, “Haircut Sir?” BBC/Tosh Returns, more Clunk woes & the Satsuma Mystery …

Good morning Folks

I trust you had a splendid weekend.
Monday soon comes around, so here is a rushed, patched-up version of the week and its events from the land of the Incas & Inca Kola.

El Dorado?

Running & training has been an up-&-down affair over the last month. It’s been a nocturnal affair. Normally get the bairn off to the land of nod around 11pm, so the roads are a bit less crazy by the time I plod out. For an off-road runner, Lima is a complete concrete jungle. There are parks, but it’s definitely a case of “Keep off the grass”, there are no large expanses of grass & the tantalising (albeit dusty) mountains that surround the city are inaccessible. In short, it’s frustrating.
In between being chased by wild dogs, I stumbled upon a dirt track, a road in the making. Sweet, sweet relief from the unforgiving tarmac. Pitch black & rutted, but not tarmac! Only about ¾ of a mile long, but I was so giddy that I ran backwards & forwards along it, until the local Serenazgo guard collared me & warned me off. It’ll be a new road by next week, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

Top Thai Tucker!

Celebrated the end of cycle exams with a group of my lovely compañeras from work, at a local Thai restaurant; Siam.
Don’t get out much for food these days, but Thai food is always awesome.
Somewhere in between the “lightness/hungry an hour after” Chinese and “Outfaced/stuffed for a week” Indian cuisine, Thai is one of my favourites. Currytastic 🙂
If you ever fancy a decent bit of tucker, check out Siam in Chacarilla!

Into Thin Air…

Jon Krakauer’s epic book of the 1996 Everest disaster was a gripping, and controversial account of the terrible events that struck a group of climbers when a monstrous storm hit the World’s highest mountain. The event & the book caused a huge stir in the climbing world. The actions of certain people were questioned & a lot of finger pointing followed.
(Krakauer also wrote about the incredible and tragic story of Chris McAndless in “Into the Wild”).
Heading to the flicks to see “Everest” tomorrow. I’ve purposely avoided the reviews, just hoping that they haven’t changed too much detail from the truth. How much fact will remain?
We’ll see…

House move No. 35

This week sees another exercise in shambolic bedlam. A(nother) house move. I should be an expert, but every time it gets more and more chaotic and this time I just know that it’ll be no different. Lina’s Mum has done amazingly well to put up with me for the last 9mths. It’s time to move on.
Perhaps the shortest move yet, just 2 floors upward.
They do say that a house move is on a par with a divorce for stress levels. I’ve never been divorced (although there are times when I do wonder if my ever-patient wife will one day tire of my hairbrained ideas), but I can vouch that moving house is a tedious affair. No wonder I’m going grey.

Haircut Sir…

It was a bit ambitious taking the Nipper with me when I went to get my monthly haircut/shave. I’ve done it before, but the Wee One was asleep. This time she was playing up, just as I was saying what I wanted doing to the hairdresser. I wasn’t very clear with my request & should have realised when the hairdresser said “Are you sure?
Nowadays I usually get a grade 1 short-back-&-sides, but was surprised to see how much hair was dropping floorwards. Then I saw that my Shearer had taken the guard off & a grade zero was the result.
Breakdown in communication, it’ll grow back!

BBC & The Return of Tosh!

I’m not the drinker that I used to be (that is sometimes perhaps a good thing! If I drank/carried-on like I drank/carried-on 20yrs ago, I’m not sure I’d be here now!)
However, once I get my tippling head on, I do tend to forget that I can’t drink. Speech & coordination are always early casualties!
I’ve not been out on a big session for a l-o-n-g time. March to be precise. So the prospect of a tipple with a few mates in my old stomping ground of Barranco (after a full day of teaching kids) was something that I was really looking forward to. I’d not sampled the delights of the Barranco Beer Company, a fairly new Microbrewery & boozer in one of my favourite parts of town.

It is an AWESOME place!
Good music, excellent service & deliciously delicious beer.
Due to being on the far side of town, it was always going to be a power session. 3hrs tops & then a sprint for the last bus.
Crammed in as much beer & talking nonsense as was physically possible & just made the bus, by the skin of my teeth. It was one of those nights when the beer tasted so good. 10:50pm, half a pint left, orders another pint (to go) & then a mad dash for 2 buses and a cross-suburb stroll, without getting mugged/lost/knocked over.
Thanks to James, James & everyone else for a top night!

More Clunk Woes…
(Wondering now whether we’d left the screwdriver in when we rebuilt the engine?!)

Running-in a Clunk is always a nerve-racking affair, so when I heard a distinct knock-knock coming from the engine midweek, my heart sank.
I rang my main man Jimmy, Lima’s finest moto-mechanic & arranged a Sunday morning meet-up (forgetting about Saturday & its possible results!)
Waking with a raging hangover, (drinking is always a case of borrowing happiness from the next day), Jimmy arrived & we got to work, but first we had to get the Clunk to make its noise.
A ride out in Lima traffic, two-up, Jimmy with no helmet, me trying not to be sick inside my helmet, was definitely not what the Doctor ordered.
Typically, as expected, the bike didn’t make its noise.
We rode round & round & round. Nothing!
Back home, we re-calibrated the valves & made a list of what needed doing to the 6-million-dollar-Clunk. Nobody admits to buying a lemon, but I did buy a pig-in-a-poke. It will (eventually) be good as new, one day…
Afterwards I dropped Jimmy near his house & then got completely lost.
Toll-roads, the Carreterra Central. Every one way system taking me further away from home & a banging headache that felt like it was trying to burrow its way out of my forehead & helmet. I’d forgotten my documents too, so was desperately hoping not to get pulled.
Drinking is not big & not clever & recovery is a much longer process these days.
SuperNoodles & a bottle of “Macu-Blast” energy drink did little to help…

The Satsuma Mystery!

Finally this week.
Some strange, illogical & mysterious things have been appertaining around these parts. Somebody/something is leaving Satsumas under the car & this week I found 2 under the Clunk. There are far worse things that could be left, but this has me scratching my head.
A sign? A curse? A vitamin C message???
Like many things in this crazy city, I don’t have the foggiest idea!

Have an awesome week 🙂

Johnny, Lina & Valentina

p.s. A very, very HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY to my mate Bill.
You don’t look a day over 49 Sir 😉

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