Felices Fiestas Patrias!


Good morning folks

I trust this finds you fine and dandy.
A microblog this week, out of town in the high andes on our first family holiday ever!
Headed up into the big mountains, no major peak-bagging, but just good to get some fresh air (even if it does contain a little less oxygen than at sea level!)


Ensconsed at 0° 9′ 4″ S, 77° 9′ 22″ W, in the amazing town of Chiquián. Quechuan for amanecer—achikyay—or sunrise. Ask anyone in town and they will tell you why it’s good to live here: in Chiquián you are 3,350 metros más cerca de las estrellas 3,350 meters closer to the stars!

Traditionally a start point for the Cordillera Huayhuash circuit (Touching the Void territory), Chiquián is a sleepy town, which has been bypassed in recent years. “Tranquilo” sums it up perfectly. Fresh air, friendly people ans no noise, bar donkeys in the daytime and crickets at nigh

A million (actually only 224) miles away from the incessant racket of Salamanca, perfect!

More details and pics in the blog next week.

¡Felices Fiestas Patrias!

Peru celebrates 196 years of independence on the 28th of July.
A two-day national holiday, everything closes down and most people escape Lima!
(This is the first time in many years I´ve fled Lima, teh last time being in 2005, when I proposed to Lina, not risked leaving town for fear that something else might happen since!)

  • July 28, is a commemoration of Peru’s independence won by José de San Martín.
  • July 29, is a holiday in honour of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru. (By jove, what a grand job the latter do too!) A huge parade takes place through the streets.

It is also a time when new presidents are sworn in (although the previous president will be celebrating this Fiestas Patrias in the Clink!) The current president has been in office for one year and has so far steered clear of any scandal or unofficial personal borrowing.

Flag salesmen have been doing a roaring trade.

Blighty beckons!

By the time the next blog goes to press, I should actually be airbound en-route (albeit not in a direct line, passing through Mi-y-ami and Philadelphia) back home!

For this reason, next weeks blog could also be a slimline version, apologies in advance.

If I said i was very, very excited about it, it would be my understatement of the century.
Sumptious pies, delicious pints of ale, fish&chips and gallons of tea are all becoming items reaching obsession levels! I cannot wait :-)

And finally…

All my pics & video disappeared betwee Lima and the montañas. Sorry :-/


That´s all for now folks :-)

Have an awesome week!
Johnny, Lina and the Nipper




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