Grand Christmas Beer Raffle – To the Winner, the spoils…

On Thursday 22nd December, Mr. Dave Ford, the lucky winner of the Grand Christmas Beer Raffle, received his grand prize: Enough beer to keep any healthy thirst at bay, throughout the Festive Season and beyond…
Purely for the record, the choice of the champion was a heady mixture of John Smith’s Smooth, Tiger Beer, Sagres, Fosters and Strongbow. All top brands, that Mr. Ford assured me that he would drink responsibly!

The Grand Christmas Beer Raffle was a huge success, and the draw itself was great fun. For those of you who maybe haven’t seen it yet, there are two videos to see.
THE MAIN DRAW          and

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who bought tickets, we very, very much appreciate it.
In 2012 we will be doing further raffles, competitions and gameshows, watch this space…

Thanks again and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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