Home alone!


Good morning folks

I trust you had an awesomely fantastic weekend.
Here is the weekly round-up from the city that never sleeps, nor lets you sleep!

Home alone!


Lina is on a residential course this week, for a week, so it’s just me and the Nipper.
(Helped by my mother-in-law when I’m at work, don’t think the Wee One would behave well enough in class!)

For this reason, this blog may be a bit shorter/briefer/unchecked, due to the bairn assisting with the typing/typos. She runs up to the computer, shouts “THIS ONE” and presses the Off button.

The Little One is at an age now where she is stringing some good sentences together and making up some interesting stories. Just now she was having an in-depth conversation with 4 different people (and 2 pets) on a milk carton telephone, and she just informed me that “Mummy was playing football in the park with her friends!”

There may be a few dodgy hairstyles and mismatching outfits, but I do my best. I’ve a lot to learn. Our Spanish level is about the same now…

It’s going to be an interesting week and a lot of fun.


Running in the street here is a full-on assault of all the senses, you have to keep your eyes/ears open at all times. Normally Sundays are a bit quieter, but when I escaped for a quick run this morning the pavements were chocker-block.

University exams. (On a Sunday morning!)

As I’ve mentioned afore, people don’t give way on the pavements, not that I expect a free passage, but I generally move if I see somebody is going to crash into me, I move.
I’d already had two instances of what I call “Spontaneous running fever”, where pedestrians nearby suddenly break into a sprint. It is a strange phenomenon.

After a quick sprint/slog/crawl up two local dusty “cerros”, I was homeward bound, caked in sweat and dust I was making my way past the throngs. Three lads were taking up the entire pavement, but they had seen me and one of the gang did move about an inch to let me past and then (realising that one should never, ever give way) blocked my path again at the last second. I put my hands out to lessen the impact and was horrified to see that I had left two huge muddy handprints on his salmon pink jumper. He didn’t realise and I hotfooted it home…


Peru has had 223 earthquakes this year, thankfully nothing serious. I am still not used to the sensation, it always takes me a few seconds to register what is going on.
Whilst drying the Nipper’s hair on Sunday night, the building suddenly started shaking, all the car alarms in the neighbourhood went off and all the local hounds started howling. The Wee One asked me what was happening, I think she could see the concern on my face.
5.2 on the Richter scale, 100 miles north, near Huacho.
It is a reminder of how fragile life can be and how powerful nature is.

Desafio Huarochiri…

The amazing race of last weekend has been on my mind (and in my legs) all week.

dh111 dh102 dh100

Nowadays, the beauty of digital photography means that local photographers can upload their handiwork onto social media, in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and that one can see their gurning images from various points around a course. There are some very talented camerafolk about.


Moving out here was a gamble, a big gamble and I’ll admit that for a good 18mths I did think that we had made a huge mistake. I was fighting against the system, traffic, lack of logic, the lingo,  everybody I shouldn’t have been and a few of my own demons too, not my best time.

I’ve made some changes (things don’t change themselves) and it is now a whole lot better.
Nowhere is paradise. Life is short and relationships can be fragile. You just have to make the most of what you’ve got and enjoy life.

Goodies :-)

In Peru there is a kind of obligatory bonus for all workers at Christmas and Independence Day (28th July). My old shoes were dropping to bits so I treated myself to some new clodhoppers.
Thanks to my mate Jhon, who works at the Saucony shop, and a handy 40% discount, I collared a pair in my clown’s shoe size for under £30. You can’t beat a bargain!


July is often a time when I set myself a target for the year.

-2009 was the year of the Bob Graham Round, an obsession accomplished, but an outing which curtailed my running for a while. It took a lot out of me, physically, but more mentally.


2010 was a climbing holiday in Kalymnos, (which Lina still says was her best trip). People said that we would die in the heat, but we just got up mega-early and climbed ’til midday.


- 2011 saw a return to running. An impulsive NYE entry into the Lakeland 100 meant I had to pull my finger out training, but I scraped round.


- 2012 was the year of the Mongol Rally!


(Pic courtesy of Sgt. Dave Stevens).

Another obsession that I still daydream about, every single day.


- 2013 saw house move 32, a big one and a trip to Romania on the Dixie Chicken’s Bus, as part of the Mongol Rally.


Then returning to Blighty and discovering that Lina was expecting!

- 2014 was the year of the Nipper!


- 2015 was a time when I generally got lost on the Clunk on a Sunday morning, on some distant rocky, dusty mountain trail on the outskirts of Lima.


- 2016?
I’m still thinking about it…

And finally…

If I could have been anywhere in the World this weekend, it would have been here!
The Start Line of the 2016 Mongol Rally.
Adventure, chaos and fun awaits all…


Have yersen an absolutely brilliant week.

Johnny & the Nipper

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