House move #38…


Good morning folks

I trust this finds you in tiptop form and that your weekend was a beauuuty.

World Cup shocks and a scorchio summer in Blighty I hear, one month to go, (it will probably rain all August, so get your BBQs in now!)


After last weeks ramble-on-a-thon, this blog is a wee bit shorter.
In the middle of (yet) another chaotic move, back across the fair city of Lima.

Very, very mixed feelings, but you pays your money and you takes your choice (or you’ve made your bed now lie in it?) Hopefully we learn by our mistakes in life.

Here is the Monday morning blog for your Monday morning perusal.

House move #38!



Very, very mixed feelings about this one.

The Miraflores move turned out to be a complete disaster, but life is about learning:

- Always check out any place you are going to live at all hours. (Schoolboy error).
– Never live above a Chinese restaurant with a resident band.
– Never, EVER rent from a  friend.
– Always check out the commute time before you sign for anything in Lima. (Schoolboy error II).
- Think before you jump, (i.e. Is there a rusty shopping trolley lurking below the not-so-clear-water below the viaduct…)

We are going back(wards or maybe sideways) to where we were 6mths ago.
Back to the land of sunny Salamanca.

Miraflowers was a mistake of Herculean proportions.
It is a decent area, the main tourist hub and you are on the doorstep of everything, sadly our gaff was in the absolute armpit of Miraflores and the building was an absolute (deleted expletive). An old place that was desperate for renovation (or knocking down). Things got off to a bad start and got worse. We decided to cut our losses and jump ship.
It put a big strain on an already strained situation. The whole thing has been a costly mess, but hey-ho, always look on the bright side, at least I will save 2-3hrs a day on my commuting and it’s only a month ’til our jollies.

Noise _1

I try not to moan about the noise, but it was as incessant in Miraflowers as it was in Salamonkey. It’s just the way it is here in Lima. No value is put on P&Q, people prefer to fill the silence with racket and speakers are always as BIG and LOUD as possible. I dream of the day when one day we find a quiet place, but I fear I may be dreaming in my box afore then!
Salamanca is not a bad spot to be fair, our new place may be diddy but the people I know here are friendly and the nipper is happy. I just need to stock up on my earplugs in August.

Like I said, you live and learn!


With any luck #39 will be down south to Arequipa, here’s dreaming…

Moving house is always chaos. We were actually quite organised this time, until we ran out of boxes/time and that is when it becomes a stressfest. A long weekend, starting early Friday and finally getting in to the new place by midnight Saturday.

36436121_10160624582235302_921061646502199296_n 36483663_10160624581835302_6566449355664916480_n

Alfredo and his merry men did us proud. This guy is one of the best drivers I have seen in Lima and he never used his horn once!

36541234_10160624582315302_9086571959768055808_n 36485882_10160624581095302_9061845648361390080_n 36451481_10160624581580302_5917340056183373824_nNaturally the move is only half of the game!
We now have a month of not being able to find anything at all…

Brew tension!!!

Tense times this weekend indeed.
First off, an emotional moment as the last of the Yorkshire Tea was supped :-(
36425824_10160624581450302_2643518199928193024_nThen I couldn’t find the coffee, so instead of walking 5mins to the Supermercado, I scoured 500 boxes/bags, but couldn’t find the clip for the gas bottle, so a camping compromise was reached.
Going out in a blaze of glory!
Peru may be out of the Copa Mundial, but their heads are still high, in what is proving to be a World Cup full of shocks!
The Blanquirrojas won their first game at a World Cup in 40 years on Tuesday, when Carillo and Capitan Guerrero scored one apiece against the Aussie Socceroos in a 2:0 local emotionfest.
Think they must have finally seen my VIDEO :-)
I had a pre-booked hospital appointment for 9am (kick-off), so I saw the national anthem, then was called in to see the Doc just in time to miss the first goal, let out for a while and then called in again just in time to miss the 2nd goal!
I had packed most of my clothes already for the move and my ageing Peru shirt is made of a material that makes you sweat just looking at it, so I wanted to keep it fresh for work, (we can wear jeans and football shirts if our team are playing and so in my centre that covered Peru, Inglaterra and Argentina).
I love this top, I’ve had it 20yrs, but it was a slight oversight on my part.
I could blame it on colourblindness, but it did get me a few glares!
Anyway, Peru are out, but they will be back :-)
(Just next time, they have to score some more goals!!!)
I was shocked to see this graffiti/defacing of El Capitan in the street!!!
36457785_10160624581905302_4359914245261885440_nHe still has this little fan though :-)
36420564_10160624581825302_8311473097488203776_nThey will come home to a heroic welcome…
A footnote!
Ricardo Gareca aka El Tigre (the Tiger) aka El Flaco (slim Jim) is the man who turned the national side around. Without him, I personally doubt that Peru would have made it this far.
An imposing (6ft 1″) Argentine with an impressive playing record (playing for both Boca Juniors and River Plate, never an easy transfer that!) Along with 20 caps for the national side too.
As a manager, he managed 13 teams, including local Lima side, Universitario, and has coached the national side since 2015.
Football loving taxistas across the city are in their element right now, as they get to listen to all the games and get to talk about it all day too!
I had an interesting conversation with a very knowledgeable young man called Juan on Saturday night. He told me the story that as a player, he was the man who scored the goal which shattered the Peruvian national side’s dreams in 1986. His goal meant that Peru didn’t get to the 1986 World Cup and for his efforts, neither did he!
The Argentine coach at the time didn’t select him for Mexico ’86.
So, in effect he realised both his own dream and that of Peru (who had waited 36 years for this occasion).
Will he be leading Peru to Qatar in 2022? That is another question/story…
Next week!
Non-smoker’s cough???
It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma!
How does a fit, young (!) bloke go from running a 2:53 marathon in May, to being barely able to walk up the stairs 3 weeks later without coughing his guts up?
(I blew up 100 balloons on the Nipper’s birthday in March too!)
After feeling generally on death’s door for a fortnight, I went to the Quack who just filled my pockets with pills. I then had to go back on Tuesday for a “Spirometro” test, which is a bit like a blowing-in-a-tube competition! You blow into a tube until your lungs are empty and that measures your lung capacity, which should (in theory) have been no significant problem for me, but it bloody was!
I got to the hospital in good time, paid for my appointment, bought my filter (I do have health insurance cover, but you still have to pay, albeit at a discounted rate. How I miss my beloved NHS, but it is impossible to draw comparisons here in that respect!)
Being deprived of tea/coffee before anything never puts me in a good mood, but I did what I was told.
I got 3 attempts, the results of which gave an average of 70% of what would be expected for an average 45yr old punter, then I was given an inhaler, waited 20mins more and then did a re-run, which only yielded a negligible 3% difference.
I’ve been told to go back in a week, then again in a month. Keep taking the tablets I’ve been told…
As the inhaler had no effect, it rules out asthma and the doctor seemed unsure what it could be. I’ve not run in weeks and time is running out for the UT69 race. I just want to be better.
Being injured is a pain, but if you keep your mind distracted you know/hope you’ll be back, but being ill is a different matter.
I was never really a sickly person (not had a day off on the pat&mick since August 24th 1994!) The last 4 years since I arrived in Peru however have been a blur of doctor’s appointments and pills (plus eternal bad guts!)
Hoping a bit of Blighty fresh air will flush my lungs out.


Watch this space, I know I am!
There’s a hole in my bucket…
Next week!
Read the ####### advert!!!
I used to sell a lot of tat/bric-a-brac/junk on fleabay before we left Blighty’s fair shores.
(I also used to buy an equivalent amount of tat/bric-a-brac/junk too to keep the balance, that temptation has now been removed).
Out here in Limalandia, there is no reliable post service, so whilst some (brave/patient/foolhardy) folk do use the likes of Amazon, e-bay is just a tiddler here. Other alternatives such as OLX & Mercado Libre are really just online free-ads.
Anyroad, as we are downsizing, we really needed to get rid of our washing machine, it is about half-an-inch too wide for the new place, it will fit but will take a Herculean effort to fit it in, I really wanted shot of it…
There are a few local sales sites on FB, so I put a detailed ad with half a dozen pics and waited…
Not too long in fact before the messenger floodgates opened!
Immediately I remembered why I stopped doing this in the past;
I got a non-stop barrage of one word questions:
- “Ultimo?” (Last price?)
- “Disponible?” (Available?)
- “Donde?” (Where)
- “KG?” (Size?)
- “Marca?” (Brand?)
- “Fotos” (Pics)
Read the ad – read the ad – read the ad- read the ad- read the ####### ad…
I started off with polite responses, but after a while started to lose my rag a bit, especially when punters sent a message and if I didn’t respond within 5mins, would just send a string of “CONTESTA” (Answer me) rants!
After 37 emails, I was no closer to flogging the beast, at one point I was tempted to set fire to it on FB Live and as it hasn’t been sold, Luckily Alfredo and one of his strongmen had had their spinach and shoehorned it into a tight spot.
p.s. Anybody want to buy a washing machine?
Raiders round-up.
After last weeks routing by full-time League leaders (full time players always at the top of the league) Tornoto Wolfpack, it was back home against Halifax this Sunday.
With injury problems and jet-lag to contend with, it was never going to be an easy return.
Going down 22:48 to a strong ‘Fax side was only part of the problem.
Midweek the board announced some dire news about the financial wellbeing of the club.
Director David Sharp and fellow directors had paid off £50000 of debt and raised £160000 in sponsorship, but the current statement looked desperate:
The club was only hours from extinction, if you are a RL fan, this STATEMENT is worth reading
It is highly probable that I am the only Barrow RLFC reading this blog (this is a niche part).
If you have do a spare quid in your pocket, please pop a few bob in this Justgiving account.
And finally…
As I turn more and more into Victor Meldrew, I am starting to become more of a luddte/antitechnophle (did I just invent that word?)
Don’t get me wrong, I like technology, it’s here to stay and it is mega-useful. Without it, the World would be a different place (butt I do stress to young students that there was life before the internet, they just stare at me!)
Plus, it would be rather time-consuming to write this blog by hand and hand-deliver it to both readers!
I just despair sometimes at the complete dependency on phones, especially by the youth of today (I am only talking about here in Lima, I am a bit out of touch elsewhere, but I imagine it is much the same).
My phone provider service (Entel) sent me a text for an upgrade, not free either), the promo video for this particular phone is everything (what) I hate about phones, a bus full of smugs!
Anyway, enough of me ranting, superdupersmartphones are good, but I would happily go back to my old Nokia and an ipod. Bah humbug!
This excellent video shows how I feel, please bear with me, it’s not been an easy week! It gets my point across nicely though.
That’s all for now folks, have an oustanding week. Normal service will be resumed next time…
Johnny, Lina and the Nipper
p.s. It was ironic that on my last ride home to Miraflores, that the Cobrador slammed his door too hard one too many times, and it fell off. We got home eventually…

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