John O’Groats Dash…

First big outing for Team Mongoliando & the Silver Streak!

We’re both more than a bit giddy, as we’ve managed to get some time off work in March for a bit of a mini-road trip, (which admittedly will be a bit tame, compared to the rally, but should be good fun!)

Lina’s Driving Instructor keeps saying “More practice, more practice”.
How about 502 miles to John O’Groats practice then!
(Obviously I’ll drive the Motorway bits).

Lina has never been to Scotland before, and I jump at any excuse to get to the Highlands, so we’ve cooked up a plan to drive to the most northerly tip of Scotland, via Edinboghorror. Then coming back down the West Coast, via Sutherland, Wester Ross, Fort William, the Borders & maybe calling in at The Lakes on the way home.

It will be a great opportunity to check that all the cogs, chains and elastic bands all work nicely under the bonnet of the Silver Streak, and of course that the radio/cassette does it’s job too.
We’ll also be testing a lot of the camping gear that our generous sponsors have kitted us out with (more on this topic soon).

It’ll be a good time to brush up on our filming skills & maybe make some more “Top Tips” videos on-the-road. (We need all the practice we can get in this department!)

I realise that the A99 in Caithness will hardly be a realistic simulation of the P27 in Kazakhstan, but it’s a start!

Lots to do beforehand, and plenty more to come on here, but we’re kind of counting down the days ’til March (& of course, July the 14th…)

Johnny & Lina


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