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Good morning folks

A very Merry Christmas to you all (both my readers)!


If you are in Peru/Latin America, you are probably under time pressure to get the ¨pavo¨ cooked, as the Navicena is tonight. If you are back in Blighty/elsewhere, you are possibly getting ready for  a big neet oot/wrapping pressies/leaving a sheery out for the tubby bloke in red.
Either way, have a good one :-)

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As it is Christmas, I will keep this relatively short and sweet.
Nobody really wants to be reading a lengthy blah-blah-bah blog on Christmas Eve now.

Here is the Monday Morning blog for your festive perusal…



Christmas itself is celebrated on Christmas Eve with most folk doing all their shopping on the 24th and the biggest meal of the year is served around 11pm, followed by Pannetone and Hot Chocolate,Resultado de imagen para hot chocolate bandwith ridiculously excessive fireworks at midnight.bonfire-night-november-5-guy-fawkes

The 25th is pretty much a normal day and many shops are open.

I am generally constantly homesick out here, counting down the weeks/teabags until my jollies, but Christmas is a time of year when I really miss home. Give me a winter Christmas Pudding any day o’the week!


Wherever you are and whatever yee may be doing, have a good one :-)

Early pressies!

I don’t often get presents from students, but this week I got 3 beauties!
(I do feel a bit uncomfortable receiving gifts, as there is always a grey area of potential corruptibility).


I had an Advanced course who were an absolute dream class, but the class has sadly been discontinued due to low numbers, so Wednesday was our last class.
One young student brought everybody in the class a handmade box with cakes.
Another student brought me a bunch of bananas, winner! She passed the course!


In a different class, a student gave me a sketch. I am not 100% sure but I think it is Genghis Khan and either Einstein or Paul Chuckle.

48950359_577765816008545_5672127303669252096_n 48408427_2262126280780145_3368661846616702976_n

A twist in the tale!

“So, capital of Kazakhstan is in fact, Wetwang!”

That was how I felt at the end of my Doctor’s appointment on Monday morning!

Image result for makat kazakhstan

 Oh, Makat, how I miss you…

Image result for wetwang

Mr. Mercury is alive and well in Wetwang!


After 4 appointments, an EMI scan and blood tests for everything, I was still no nearer an answer as to what exactly was/is wrong with me.

Neurologist #1 has concluded that it was Chronic Degenerative Sensory Axonal Multineuropathy! However, that was only the manifestation of another potentially more serious disease/illness/malady, possibly diabetes, HIV or even the C word was mentioned. Talk about putting a patient’s mind at rest, not!

Image result for you're going to die

Fortunately it was none of the above. The blood tests came back clear.

Neurologist #2 was a bit more old school (and a lot more experienced). A likeable sort. He actually asked me some questions about me, my lifestyle, hobbies and then did some observations. When I showed him the 10-pages of blood results, he remarked that they had done a lot of tests, but which had showed up nothing. He said that he believed it was not a nerve problem and more likely to be biomechanical, concluding that he thought it was in fact Plantar Fasciitis.

Hmmm, strange! I thought. The pain is in the wrong place, (Plantar Fasciitis pain is normally near the heel, whereas my problem is in the ball of my foot).

As I was walking out of the hospital I bumped into Neurologist #1. It was 9:30am and I know her first appointment is at 9am, so despite being blanked by her completely, I resisted from saying that she should maybe ask some questions (and maybe even look at the foot) next time before £150 worth of pointless tests, (that was with an insurance discount! How I miss the NHS!)


So, I went to see somebody who I know and trust, my good friend and saviour, Super Maro.
We will get things sorted and to get to the bottom of it.
Hopefully a more positive outlook than last week!


Had planned a short break after the El Misti race, but not this long! (Photo taken at 4400m checkpoint, after I had taken a crap line and descended way too far, going uphill is not great at 14400ft…)

“Eres malo…”


This is the season called “Fiestas” so one would expect parties. Not a lot of shuteye has taken place this week as a result, especially when the inconsiderate piece of $h!t above finished their rac at 6am and the other neighbour started a huge domestic (probably fuelled by no sleep) at 7am.

sleepDon’t even take the edge of it Simon…

To be honest I am fried. Not slept in weeks, but for days like this I have this noisy “Hora Loca” horn.
If I didn’t sleep, neither will they. Childish?  Yes. Satisfying? Very!48418184_324056424864074_8853569197981040640_n


The Young ‘Un is a bit of a handful at times, as all 4-going-on-14-year-olds are!
Mainly due to the fact that I haven’t slept since August, I have been a bit cranky at times.

A breakfast time discussion escalated out of all proportion with neither side backing down.

“Eres malo” she retorted. (You are a bad person).bad

A two-word sentence which did make me think.
I do not have any patience at all these days, it has all been grinded away by putting up with endless day-to-day $h!t, so I do snap quite easily. I am not the same person. It is me who has to change and I will try.

Raiders round-up. 

WIGAN on 26/01/18 confirmed!

Image result for wigan rl

That’s right, we’re up against the 2018 Superleague Championship winners. No pressure, it’s only a friendly, but still!
BIG game for the Shipbuilders, preceded the weeks before by Oldham and Whitehaven.

Onwards and upwards!

Last Post on the Bugle…

Next week will be the last weekly blog.

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After 204 consecutive weeks, the Monday morning blog is being put to bed.

Next week will be the last blog.

Not a decision I have taken lightly after 4 years of writing.

Super Clunk

The blog started in 2011 as a way of (fund)raising awareness for our Mongol Rally.

It was the joint creation of my ever-patient Graphic Designer brother, Danny and a Web Magician friend called Roberto. It ran alongside the FB page.shineSAD ROBOT

During the rally itself, Danny updated the site with my sporadic texts and it worked well. It then lay semi-dormant for a while until the Grand Shearing, when I was scalped for charity (Martin House Childrens Hospice), raising 800 Pounds (in under 2 weeks) thanks to the incredible generosity of readers and FB people.Image may contain: 1 person


I decided to start writing a weekly blog when I arrived back here to Peru.

It was a good way to let people back home know what was happening and showing my hopeless adaption to a completely different culture, moving continents with a 9mth old bairn, from Blighty to a Developing Country.themoviemensch mozzervivir-en-peru7 AL OTRO LADO DEL MURO QUE SEPARA A RICOS DE POBRES EN LA CAPITAL PERUANA nuevo_sol_moneda_peruana_0 peru-map

Special thanks to Neil B for his writing guidance. Please buy his brilliant BOOK right now!)

Image result for dancing feat neil bennion

It has been a lot of fun, most of the time. A massive learning experience for me, especially when it would take me 4hrs to codge everything together, using a camera, a phone and two computers, swearing at WordPress for its obuse ways. (I worked it out that if I worked a 40-hour week, it would take me 10 months to write all that I have scribbled!)

Related image

It has also been a useful pressure cooker “vent”.


Life in Lima is not easy, especially with the things that I found (and still find) hard to adapt to. (Things which I promise not to moan about here, this is not the Golden Cleric acceptance speech!)

Image result for father ted golden cleric

I realise at times some blog content was a bit niche!

(How many Barrow fans bar me actually read this nonsense?)


Now is the time to draw a line under it all.

Never say never again, it may possibly return one day in some guise, shape or form, but not for a while, if it does ever rise from the flames.

Image result for never say never again

Last blog next week. Thank you.

And finally…

Have you ever tried to look for a video on Youtube that you watched ages ago but cannot remember what it was called?

I hear that 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute, so there are a few to get through.
This is not thee video, but a different version.

Nothing quite matches the feeling of  a successful wheel change, as these chaps show via the medium of dance!

Have an awesome Christmas. Feliz Navidad :-)

Johnny, Lina and the Nipper


p.s. No Snowball for me this Christmas, impeccably bad timing of medication for dodgy foot. D’oh :-/



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