Lights out/night out…


Good morning folks

I trust this finds you in tiptop form and that you had a mighty fine weekend.
Here is your espresso-style-round-up of the week’s events, from chaos central.
A busy old week, intercycle, training, a tipple-or-two and a sun/heat/sweatiness that is threatening to melt this madhouse.
It’s all here…

Lights out!

Last week was the intercycle at work, so whilst all my colleagues were off, I was dishing out/marking placement exams. A very steady week with a 4pm finish, bonus!

(Apart from my sarnies going missing from the fridge on Tuesday, but that’s another story, grrrr…)

With evenings free I arranged to go training with my Camycam amigos; Dick and Karina over the hills and far away to the coastal stack known as “Morro Solar”, which makes a change from my local dusty mountains. I’d just recently got a new PRISM 630 headtorch from the mighty ALPKIT.COM folk and was keen to give it a testing.


After parking up in Miraflores and trotting through my favourite drinking area of Barranco, it was down to the ocean and along the Costa Verde, then up into Chorillos and onto the Morro itself. Darker than the back of the batcave in a powercut up on top,so I flicked a switch and turned night-into-day!


Temporarily though, a group had been robbed here the previous weekend so I was advised to turn off my lighthouse beam, so as not to attract would-be-assailants, (although I could have blinded them if attacked!)

I jogged on in the inky blackness and only went over on my ankle twice.
Some other time mighty Prism beam :-)

Night out!

It had been a while since our last chap’s outing, so it was arranged for a Miraflores bar crawl on Saturday, get in!


My silly self, James B, Declan and Eugene braved the Happy Hours and spent a rather alcoholic evening, where I probably spoke more “Tonterias” (nonsense) than I do normally. A great tippling session and needless to say I suffered like a dog all day Sunday, as I struggle to patch this excuse-of-a-blog together.
(Nobody remembered to take any photos, so here is a substitute mugshot).


Doubtful Round – New ground!

A 4:30am alarm after a party raging until 3am downstairs/a neighbour playing “Shaky-shaky-shaky” on a continuous loop (damn you Daddy Yankee!) Then the binmen making aright royal racket at midnight and of course the usual shouting match upstairs left me contemplating turning the alarm off, but I had work to do…

skaky(He wouldn’t be smiling if he lived in my noisy street!)

A new section on my infinite project “Doubtful Round” was to be tried out!


On the go by 6am and 7 peaks done before 7pm. I had 2 litres of water and was going to need it, a baking hot day from the start. I’d frozen one water bottle and talk about simple, but exquisite pleasures! A cold drink on them there tops on a day like that was priceless :-)


I was chased by an angry dog/wolf, which luckily lost interest when it got close enough to smell me, then onto the new bit…


Mainly downhill (which I wasn’t complaining about), but mega-technical and ideally suited for a good descender with tiny feet, not for a clumsy oaf with size 13s like me!


e f g i

I was out of agua by this point and luckily it was a freefalling tumble down to La Laguna (the lake, there aren’t many in this dusty desert town), then an even sweatier bus ride home, tailing a truck full of soon-to-be-ill-fated chickens. It was simply inhumane to transport the poor wee things in such heat, but (apart from go vegetarian) what could I do?

13 miles and just short of 6000ft of climbing.

Desafio Ruricancho is just  fortnight away and I do worry I’m going to be short of miles under my belt (although I’m getting the climbing in so that is something).
However, if the sun is as ferocious as last time, it will be a case of survival, we shall see in a fortnight!


Nipper’s birthday!

The Wee One speaks good Spanish (better than mine, but that’s not hard!)
One thing she does get mixed up with though is time, especially “mañana” (tomorrow).

She knows that her birthday is this next week, but she thinks it is tomorrow, or whenever mañana is!


She starts school the week after, so it’s last week at the crèche, which will be a bit sad, but they’re having a knees-up on Friday, so the riot policia are on standby!

I hope her new teacher has had three Shredded Wheat in anticipation…

And finally…

The fine folk at The Adventurists have cooked up a tempting and tasty new dish of an adventure, and it is right here in Peru!


I did actually meet up for a cerveza with Mr. Dan from the Adventurists last year when the plan was in the early stages and have been keeping it quiet. Now the secret is out!


mrp2 mrp

September will see a group of intrepid punters straddling diminutive diddy Monkey Bikes and heading over the Andes and into the Amazon. If ever a Clunk was designed for such a trip, this is not it!

Alas, and most sadly I shall not be one of these lucky folk. Looked into it and just cannot get time off work. Holdays are allocated in month slots here and my jollies (my first in 4 years) are in August :-(

However, I will be following it rather keenly. If you did fancy it, DO IT :-)
Sign up right here:

Here is a wee taster VIDEO of this tantalising proposition…


So, on that two-wheeled-tone,  I wish you thee most splendid of splendid weeks.
Have a grand one.

Johnny, Lina & the soon-to-be-three Nipper!


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