Good morning folks

I trust this finds you all in finest pre-festive form.
Here is a wrap-up of a contender for most-bonkers-week-of-my-life award.
I had one day a few weeks back, when I thought “I’m up-to-date with everything”.
It lasted less than a day (when I realised I wasn’t actually up-to-date but I had just forgotten to do something/everything).

Happy 50th birthday to my sis, Louise :-)

This week has been a complete b-l-u-r.

But it’s all been good stuff :-)

Back on the stage!


The storytelling which I have been doing through work reached a climax this week!
The final round.

After giving shoes to Kids (up to 11 yrs old) and Juniors (11-15), which were mere warm-ups, we gave two shows to adults this week.

I naively thought (at the beginning) that storytelling was just reading from a book, wrong. There is no book and it is more like one-man-band acting!


We have had a brilliant trainer by the name of Miguel, a first-class guitarist called Jorge and our amazingly patient leader, Carmen. It’s not been easy (especially with a memory like mine) and it has taken some proper graft, but it’s been fun :-)


25158176_10159629439355468_2333008798008487233_n 25074939_10159620207285468_2777350383075908076_o

It has been a flurry of taxis! I am normally a bus man, so I’ve felt like Rockerfeller this week.
Monday was a rehearsal (“ensayo” a new word and a fail on my part when I tried to add an -o/-a on the end of rehearsal) in Surco, Tuesday night was performance night, Wednesday was “ensayo” II, which entailed a bus to Surco, to take a cab which came back past my house all the way across town to San Juan de Lurigancho, the wild west of Lima, then a cab straight to work. Thursday was performance night in SJL. All of this sandwiched between my morning and arvo classes. I have been checking the day on my watch all week, as I just haven’t had a clue.


Nobody died and nobody cried! No hecklers, nor tomato hurlers. Remembered everything I had to and I still have my job!




The BIG Premiere!

I was convinced that the film/video/commercial I shot two weeks back would be premiered at the Works Do, but I was wrong.

The video will be shown on the Britanico FB PAGE this week.
I haven’t seen it, so I will either look amazing or a complete donkey and will need to go into hiding for 6 months!

Party time I…

The Nipper had a (very) belated birthday party at school on Thursday. (Her birthday is in March).
Not many things are early here! (Including me, when I got waylaid in traffic, bad father that I am).


Doubtful rounding.

Running has not even been on the backburner this week, but I was determined to squeeze in an outing onto yonder cerros early-doors and Saturday was the only option.

25510991_10159793480735302_1422495479_o 25510898_10159793465480302_496924996_o

The weather has gone a bit mad here, La Niña is to blame apparently. The day dawned cool and very wet, a far cry from getting burnt to a crisp last week.

25530550_10159793469245302_137885303_o 25521036_10159793471275302_25733790_o

The hills around my way are in no way glamourous, but they are close and steep, so they do the job. Not a day for loitering and not many photo opportunities, but always good to get out :-)


Party time II…

The Wee One had another party (life is just a string of parties, sounds ace) on Saturday.
My mate Eugene’s little lad, Liam’s 2nd birthday.


Saturday was a crazy one, up at 4:30am to go for a long run to get back in time for Lina to go out, then cooked pizza with the Nipper, which was cowabunga!

25521003_10159793479545302_576459267_o 25511099_10159793466900302_1316199265_o 25465809_10159793479970302_42525117_n


Then get her spruced up and across town, to then get back across town, get myself spruced up for my works bash.

25497131_10159793423440302_1518136_n 25466048_10159793481265302_1669173215_n

Pocoyo and the bouncy castle were both very popular :-)


Party time III…

The eagerly anticipated Works Christmas Do, a rather swanky affair at “Centro Naval” (Peruvian Navy club) finally arrived!

I had convinced myself that the video would be premiered on the night and this paranoia made me keep a check on myself. Possibly the most sober I have ever been at any works do, ever.
Still suffered like a dog all day Sunday though!

After drinking myself into oblivion last year (not my fault, I blame the Pisco/Vino) I sidestepped the midyear party and promised myself “Only Beer” this year. It is a free bar and they are two joyous yet dangerous words to put in a sentence. Any free bar carries a price…

25520952_10159793481440302_1326966576_o 25497100_10159793422865302_647251233_n

After a few warm-up cervezas at JD Towers, we walked en-masse to the Do, which was a top night. Amy Winehouse tribute act, good bit of tucker, a lavish raffle (not a sniff) and “hora loca”.

25396200_10155921699689328_2372893365632877797_n 25508851_10159793474190302_309002490_o 25519735_10159793427620302_1423266850_n 25508848_10159793481290302_1137930390_o 25446226_10156050874652164_4987869905116566361_n

I love my job (and I can’t say that about all the positions on my 18-page CV) and I love the people I work with, so it was a great night and was never going to be an early finish.

I rolled into bed at 3:30am, after having been up for 23hrs…


A week is a long time in politics…

And politics are never, ever dull in Latin America!

It is hard to keep up with, but there has been an investigation of a construction company called “Odebracht”, a HUGE corruption case, which seems to involve almost everybody!

ppk-sobre-sobornos-de-odebr_Mg913XK-jpg_604x0 ppk

Back in January, a Brasilian Supreme Court judge, Teori Zavascki, 68, was overseeing a massive corruption investigation at the state oil company, Petrobras. His plane crashed, he died and investigations didn’t show any mechanical malfunctions.

Since then (only in Peru, which is just a part of this case), the ex-president and his freespending wife have been put in jail, the ex-ex-president has gone into exile in the US, the ex-ex-ex-president and opposition leader have both been implicated and this week, the current president has come to the forefront of the investigation too and is in peril of being impeached.

Toledo-Corruption alan-garcia-ollanta-humala-alejandro-toledo keiko-fujimori-odebrecht alan-garcia 2883

I know I definitely wasn’t involved, so I am innocent, as for the rest, watch this space…



Is just a week away!

The sound of a street full of slightly all-out-of-key/sequence fairy lights is a bit spooky in the early hours.


Here, the main event is on the 24th. Christmas Dinner at midnight, followed by hot chocolate (in summer) and Panetone (a dry, Italian cake), plus fireworks that would put most war zones to shame. Don’t expect “silent night” on the 24th (or any night) in Salamanca…

We went to the local mega-shopping-centre, Jockey Plaza on Sunday, but the crowds were out in force, so we just spent the arvo in cafes with friends, which was infinitely better than battling with a million punters in Ripley and Saga!

25521003_10159793422520302_127030440_o 25519735_10159793422525302_733433551_n


And finally…

This video was doing the rounds on social media a while back, but now, on the eve of my big video premiere, the bloke marching (13 seconds in) may be a bit more relevant!

There is a lot of information to process in the short 23 second video of a karaoke night at the Coach & Horses in Doncaster. Many more questions are raised than answers…

Compare THIS to what you may see of my efforts this week ;-)

Have an awesome week.

Johnny, Lina & the Nipper

p.s. There will be a blog next Monday, but it will actually be on Christmas Day, so I’ll keep it brief.


p.p.s. A million thanks to many people for pics in the blog, especially Lourdes, Declan, Nigel, James B, Irma, Ivonne and Carmen :-)


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