October 28, 2020

Meanwhile in the land of facebook…


It’s something that baffles me at times, but it is something that I do like 🙂
(Pardon the unintentional pun).

Our facebook page (superclunk.com) has been around since 2011, when we first cooked up the idea of doing the Mongol Rally.
Since then, it has been an almost daily procrastination tool of mine.
If I’m on it, I probably should be doing something else, more important!

However, in its defence, it is a great way to keep in touch with people & to share information/pics/videos of talking cats/etc…

I try to keep our facebook page as light-hearted as possible & like myself, I don’t take it too seriously.
However, we are now reaching quite an epic milestone, (which I originally never ever dreamt of; 500 LIKES!!!
We were chuffed to bits when we got back to 101 likes in 2012, so much so that we made a video right here: http://youtu.be/_1QrI5z8Irk

Now, we are just 5 “Likes” away from reaching the 500 milestone.
Can we do it???

I really do hope so, as we are planning a BIG PRIZE GIVEAWAY, with some cracking prizes, (including beer, if you do like a tipple!)

So please, spread the good word of MONGOLIANDO.COM on facebook (or anywhere for that matter) & let’s dish out some prizes 🙂


Just click on the big “f” at the top right hand side of the page 🙂

Thank you & goodnight

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