“101 Likes” Grand Draw…

Good evening folks

The “101 Likes” Grand Draw has been drawn.
The video of this salubrious occasion was captured on youtube.

The three lucky winners were:

- Barni Marney (follower No.100)
- Carl Hoodless (Follower No.101)
- David Lindsay (Lucky Draw Winner)

A choice of one of three prizes to be chosen from:

a) Their facebook profile photo on the bonnet of the “Silver Streak”, for all to see, all the way from Leeds to UlaanBaatar.

b) Take part as a walk-on part in a “Top Tips” video.

c) A four-pack of lovely, lovely John Smith’s Smooth.

We shall be in touch with each of the lucky prize winners individually. Thank you to all of you.

Thanks for watching & if you haven’t already, please check out our facebook page

Johnny & Lina

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