One week to go…


Good morning folks

I trust that you had thee most splendid weekend.
Here is your weekly wrap-up from the locura of Lima.
The “c” word, a tipple and a phantom snapper/poster!
It’s all here…

One week to go..


I won’t be going this way next Sunday…

Sports-Physiotherapist-300x300More likely this way!

It was all going so well…

With just one week until the RPP Maraton, I find myself with a torn hamstring, bugger and double bugger doesn’t really come close.

Runners are one of three (or possible a mixture) of three categories:
i) Injured.
ii) Returning from injury.
iii) About to be injured.

I am in the first category, but to be honest I’ve been courting this bellicose partner most of my running life. The body is not a machine and does have a hissy-fit when you push and push and push. I’ve been training my sorry a$$ off to the point of destruction for the past 2mths and as luck wouldn’t have it, this is the result. I am always curious as to just how far/hard I can push myself, that has been my downfall, (ideas bigger than my station basically!)

I had just paid my entry less than 12hrs previously too. A bit like the curse of the aptly-named “Black Dog Marathon” in Bungay, Suffolk, where the organisers sent out the race t-shirt before the race. My mate Les has 3 t-shirts and never ran it!

For the first time in over 12 years, I had finally got my training together; speedwork, hills, tempo, long runs and no “rubbish miles”. Up at 5am and out by half-past. It was all going so well.

Woe is me and all that, putting it into perspective, it’s just a running injury, but when you put all your heart, soul and effort into something, it is a bit of a downer, there you go. Running was keeping me on the straight and narrow, so hopefully now I won’t go doo-lally!

If I do have enough brass buttons to go down the Physio route, it may be tricky explaining that I couldn’t touch my toes, ever (even when I was a baby!)


The future?

Like any man making a mistake, or doing something wrong, I am of course looking for a scapegoat!

Could it have been:
- The fact that it was my first run back on “Strava”?
- The witch who put a curse on me the day before, (story to follow).
- The fact that I’d started writing my training down (anorak!)
- My body saying that it didn’t want to run like that at 5:40am.
- Henry, the mild-mannered Janitor!
- Me looking frantically for a race to follow the RPP.

It doesn’t really matter, I’m crocked, but I do have a back-up plan, when it starts working again…

Junior Hacker!

GIGSIn disguise! Leave your phone near at your peril…

I noticed on my FB and Twitter (which I don’t really use) accounts, some unintelligible messages, I’d not been drinking and was curious.

Then a day later I had a flurry of Amazon ads/offers. Hmm…

Lina had an old i-phone (3 I think), which I inherited, but it is more blocked than an old toilet block made of breeze blocks. The Nipper smashed the screen (but admitted to it) last year, but it works, but it had gone mysteriously missing!

I tracked it down in the hiding place that the Wee One stashes all my stuff. She’d also sent some messages and taken some pics, she knows how to use it better than me.
The £120 Marmot Mountaineering gloves would have been useful for summer in Lima, luckily I’d turned off “one click”.

Then more FB posts appeared, including hashtags! (Not something I generally do myself).
Yesterday she booked a taxi on Uber (which I luckily spotted and cancelled!)
Need to keep an eye on this one…

image imageWhen a bairn is unusually quiet, they are usually up to something!


It has been a while since my last outing and a l-o-n-g while since Lina and I went out for a neet-oot, so Saturday was the night!

s1 ses2 s2 ses3 ses4

My mate James B (not Bond) and Irma threw a bash at their place and the ale was free-flowing.

A fantastic session and needless to say, Sunday was perhaps the longest day of my life!

Noise – part 436…

I (along with everybody else in the building) was awoken abruptly on Saturday morning at 4:25am by some workmen next door, hammering, drilling and generally making an infernal racket.
When asked what they were doing, they just shrugged their shoulders. Maybe they didn’t realise it was so early, I don’t think.

Local motors…

Some random 4-wheeled shots from my local barrio.
Moke-tastic, a van on bricks (must have taken some doing) and a terrific Toyota trio.

image image image

Hair Vs. Beard!

I am just passed the levels of scruffiness that I can get away with at work, so the beard may have to go soon.

hvb2 hvb1

Here is my latest attempt to conquer the Nipper in out ongoing battle, you decide!

HAIR(Think she has secretly been using my hair rollers too!)

Get Smart?

Do I need a smartphone?
That is a question I have been asking myself recently?


When I walk into the staffroom at work, there is often a very peaceful silence, because everybody is on their phone. In classes I constantly have to tell students to get off Snapchat/tumblr/pinterest/candy crush (which are obviously more interesting than listening to me), in the street punters crash into each other because they are eyes-down (not in a Bingo sense) and everywhere you go, everything is photographed, uploaded and selfies are all around…

Now all of the above is not what is drawing me towards ditching my 15yr old Nokia brick, quite the opposite, but instead of carrying round my camera/smashed iPhone/Nokia brick trio, wouldn’t it be useful to have all that in one piece of kit?

I did have a smartphone once, a Galaxy Note, it was on offer and it was HUGE! The size of an Etch-a-sketch and the battery lasted about 10 minutes, but it kept me sane on nightshifts.

I’m not anti-technology luddite, I like taking photos and if it’s interesting (not a plate of beans on toast, although I would love a plate of beans on toast right now) it is good to share that with friends.

It is a very, very confusing market. How on earth mobile phone salesfolk remember it all is a mystery. Pricewise here, you pay through the nose for a “linea nueva” (new line), no “free” phones here . An iPhone 7 will set you back just short of a Grand to buy!

No delusions of grandeur from this tinker!

However, it is the “mid-range” market that is the blurriest. If you start digging for info, you could go mad. I might just stick with my Nokia…

This VIDEO was light years ahead, did they know something???
Only 30 ounces, and maybe one day as commonplace as checking time on an electronic watch!

Am I ready for the Cellular Revolution?

And finally…

Via my quest to film/capture/document our Mongol Rally (a film that I will release on day) I met Alastair Lee of Productions. An incredible film-maker, producer, photographer and general all-round top bloke!


He has produced some absolutely incredible films, including the mighty “Asgard Project” which was the film that got Lina into climbing (and she was soon kicking my backside!)

Every year Al works on incredible projects that become amazing films, but every year he manages to raise the bar even higher!

Bouldering is a sport that used to be just training for climbing, but now it is a sport in it’s own right.


Ladies and Gentlemen (both of you), I give you BLOCHEADS…

Even if you’re not especially into climbing, this is well worth a watch for some Monday morning inspiration!

Have a week full of awesomeness.

Johnny, Lina & the Nipper

p.s. Not content with just tattooing her hands, the rebellious Nipper has now had face tats. Whatever next!



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