One week to go, Escape from Lima and Top 5 for “Dancing Feat”…

Good morning folks

I trust you all had a mighty fine weekend.
Here is the latest from Lima…

One week to go!


Bloomin’ ‘eck, how did that happen!?
My completely unscientific “run-as-far-as-time-permits-every-day” regime.
Last 5 weeks have been 0-45-50-65-80-60 miles & an easy final week.
I’ve got that constantly knackered feeling, the joy of marathon training!
Running is something that I’ve done since I was a nipper.
I was beyond useless at football, less-than-zero coordination meant that racket sports were out, so running was a natural choice. It can be done anywhere, anytime, with not a lot of kit required. It doesn’t require any special skill & if you put the graft in, you get better, it’s as simple as that!
Since the Nipper arrived, I’ve not run much (excuses, excuses), but when I saw the advert for the Lima Marathon 5wks ago, I thought,” Yeah, why not!”
A mate once told me “Runners are either injured, coming back from injury,or about to be injured”
(I am currently all three!)
In other words, you never hear anybody on the start line saying “I’m absolutely flying!”
(There was one exception once, but he came unstuck. If you ran in that CS XC race, you’ll know who I mean).
So with one week to go, I’ll try to avoid getting run over, or attacked/eaten alive by wild dogs (both of which almost happened tonight).
Time will tell, think of me at 7am next Sunday :-)

First week in new chamba…

One week into new job & not been sacked yet!
Classes take a lot of preparation (not that that’s a bad thing), but walking to work is ace!
Using the famous “Taddy Distance Scale”, I’d put it down as a Jackdaw-to-Leeds Arms stroll.
The other teachers are a really friendly bunch.
I have 2 Intermediate classes Monday to Friday & 2 Junior classes on a Saturday, (Saturday freedom has now gone).
The adult classes are straightforward enough, but I’ve not taught kids/teenagers in a fair old while.
It takes a lot more energy to keep things going.
6.5hrs of classes & a lot of coffee meant that I was revved up by the end, but not quite as much as Jerry St.Clair.
So far so good!

Nipper’s first climbing outing!

On Monday I took the Nipper to a local park & discovered a mini climbing wall.
She just started walking properly last weekend & is now stomping about everywhere.
Not interested in the swings, she went straight for the holds.
Here is the video World premiere of her first onsight attempt!
(I’ve been looking after the bairn on a morning, which explains why he was wearing her pyjamas at 11am!)
We went back on Friday for a second attempt, Lina dressed her that day.


Escape from Lima


Feeling like Snake Plissken, we managed to escape the clutches of the city for a few hours today.

The second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day here, so I’d promised Lina we’d do something.
Lima has a really weird microclimate (which has been hit for six by El Niño this year, Autumn still thinks it’s summer), but normally by now it’s grey & cloudy & damp, but, if you head for the hills & drive for an hour to nearby Chosica, it’s sunny all year round & there’s a really nice chilled out spot with a pool & other stuff.


The Nipper loves a splash about, so we had a dip, a bit of decent tucker, breathed some fresh air & then came back, wondering if a commute to/from there would be bearable on a daily basis.
Mountains & fresh air beats snarling nose-to-tail traffic, but would it be a feasible commute?
Just a dream, but as Captain Sensible said…
Living in a place like Chosica would be a very different dream to real life right now but you never know, maybe one day!

Top 5 for “Dancing Feat”

I was very pleased to hear that my amigo, Neil Bennion’s masterpiece “Dancing Feat” has been voted one of the top 5 foreign books about Colombia.
Article here.
Seriously, this is one of the funniest & most entertaining books I have personally ready in years!
Not read it? Want to?
Buy it NOW :-)

Victor Meldrew says…


Mr Meldrew has been mellowing this week, but will be back to vent his spleen next week for sure!

Clunk security!

imageSecurity is hugely important here, anything not tied down will grow legs & walk.
The Clunk is parked in a garage & is fairly secure, but I was mightily pleased to discover that a new electric fence was being installed this week!
There’s not enough run-up to do a Steve McQueen, so if the hooter doesn’t deafen a crook, the 200000 volts might stop them nabbing my wheels.
Light-fingered tea leafs beware!

And finally…
Happy 60th birthday to my good mate Richard K.

A good mate who has helped me HUGELY with my running & with keeping the (Yorkshire) Civil Service Athletics team on their toes. (Photo taken in 2009 when we put a few noses out of joint & scooped the prizes at Catterick Garrison).
You’re wearing well amigo.
Have a great day :-)


Have yourselves an AWESOME week folks.
More next Monday!

Johnny, Lina & the Nipper :-)

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