Peace, bad teeth, victory for las Blanquirrojas, always tell the truth, the drugs don’t work, Clunk/Herbie of the week, lost/found III, T-H-I-N-K and Wonderful World…


If I could have just one wish, it would be for peace in this World.
Sadly of course, this will probably never happen.
The World is a beautiful planet, but at the same time it can be a very cruel, cold, heartless & downright $h!tty place too.
Horrific & terrible things happen every day, all around the World.
Friday the 13th of November 2015 will be remembered as a very dark, sad & tragic day.
Deadly bombings in Beirut & Lebanon,
and the horrific events in Paris:
Innocent people, having a meal, a drink with friends, going to a concert or going to a football match.
Normal things that people like you & I do on a Friday night.
129 people dead, 352 injured & many, many people mentally scarred.
Words are insufficient at times.
My heart truly goes out to all those who lost friends, family & loved ones.
If I could have just one wish, it would be for peace in this World.
Good morning

I did seriously consider not writing a blog this week, my inane ramblings seemed a bit meaningless, but if I had wrote it or not, it would not change the terrible events above. So I decided to write it as normal.
Here is the weekly Lima round-up…

Bad teeth

Apparently the first thing a person notices is one’s shoes.
If you’re not wearing shoes, it’s your teeth.

(This is why I always keep my shoes buffed, & on, at all times!)

A colleague asked me a question the other day, “Why do English people have such bad teeth?” At first I thought he was referring to my far-from-straight (not so) pearly whites! Then he started talking about a stunning singer that he had seen, who suddenly was stunning in a different way, when she smiled & it looked like she had borrowed Shane McGowan’s teeth!

It got me thinking…
When I was a bairn I used to wear a brace (believe it or not, not brackets, they are what I used excessively when typing, like this). Three of them in fact (but not all at once). I dropped one down the toilet & the other two just didn’t work. We lived in Cumbria & our dentist was in the next county. Oswadtwistle, Lancashire to be precise. A 120mile round trip in the Austin Princess. After the 3rd brace, my dentist gave up & so did I.

One thing I have noticed here in Lima, is the huge amount of people (young & old) who wear braces. I’d say 90% of my Junior students & probably half of my adults. One of my best friends out here works for another friend who is Latin America’s top cosmetic dentist.
He can make teeth longer, shorter, wider, fill gaps, make gaps, brighter-than-bright & better than a Colgate smile. It is truly incredible what can be done.
I have been asked (not by him, I think he thinks I am beyond help), “Why not get your teeth done?” My reply is that I drink so much black coffee that they wouldn’t be white for long & that there are many, many other things on my list of “Things that I cannot afford, nor justify”. It’s not going to happen.
But why are braces & the pursuit of perfect gnashers so high up on the list of priorities here. Treatment is cheaper than in the UK/US, but it’s still not cheap & when linked with average wages, it’s actually quite steep, but still popular.
In Japan it is the complete opposite. Crooked teeth are seen as a sign of beauty.
Even to the point that people with straight teeth have surgery to get them wonky! Crooked teeth have become so appealing to some people that you can get a procedure called tsuke yaeba (付け八重歯) or “attached snaggletooth” to get your own, fake yaeba. There’s even “The World’s first snaggletooth girl group:

I am not a tooth ambassador for the UK.
I am an exception, with exceptionally bad teeth!
I started to then notice the huge amount of plastic surgeons here, but that’s an entirely different blog for the future…

Victory for Las Blanquirrojas!

After the disappointment of departing La Copa America, losing with 10 men against archrivals Chile, Peru bounced back with a 1:0 victory over Paraguay. Jefferson Farfan was the man!
The 1st win in their 3rd game of the 18 games qualifier-a-thon for the 2018 World Cup. A competition that they haven’t qualified for since 1982. There is hope. A colleague of mine said, “When they play well they get beat & when they play badly, they win!”
Let’s hope they keep playing badly then!
image(On my way home I spotted this deluxe Combi with a huge telly in the back. Good way to watch the game on the move!)

Always tell the truth…

A certain Politician’s wife has finally confessed to having been telling porky pies about whether or not an incriminating diary actually belonged to her & whether the handwriting within was her handwriting. She said it wasn’t & now she has confessed she was lying. Tut-tut. Let’s see now if any further action is taken or if it will suddenly be forgotten about.

My Mum always told me as a nipper “Always tell the truth & you won’t get in trouble”. Obviously this theory works if you never do anything wrong, but at first I didn’t realize this! At least my conscience was clear, (unlike a certain Politician’s wife right now…)

The drugs don’t work

6mths ago today I ran a shade over 3hrs in the Lima Marathon. Not my fastest performance (2nd fastest, but as I’ve only run 2 road marathons, it was also my slowest!)  Let’s just say I was a long way behind the Kenyan winner (but also 3hrs ahead of last man home. Everybody suffers equally & proportionately in a marathon!).
Nowadays however I am breathless after climbing the 3 flights of steps to our flat. What has gone wrong?
I was back to the Quack’s for the 4th week running on Friday. After antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics & anti-whatever-else they prescribed me, plus Tomography, plus a few pretty pennies too, I am no better. This week I was told that my right lung isn’t working right, but don’t worry, take these steroids, more antinflamatories & cough syrup for 5 days & see what happens!
(I know that reading “possible side effects” on any medicine is inadvisable, but the steroids make for scary reading. “Do NOT under any circumstances stop dosage suddenly” due to side effects, yet I’ve been told to take 2-a-day until I run out!)
Antibiotics for 5-day courses don’t make any sense either.
If the steroids do change me into Lou Ferrigno, I’ll be stomping back to the Doc’s for a quiet word…


Clunk/Herbie of the week

Spotted this brace of beauties on my way to work this week…
A Clunk copy (RTM) that is dropping to bits (still chained up though, so it means a lot to its Clunk pilot). It sounds ACE, basically as it has virtually no exhaust pipe!

Then, half a mile away I spotted this sadly mistreated Herbie.
Rusting to pieces, but an awesome colour scheme :-)

Lost/found III

Ad of the week!

Roughly translates to:
“Somebody lost me. If you are my owner please take me & take more care!”

T-H-I-N-K before you speak.

There are times when you say something & you just want the person listening to you to say along the lines of “Mmmm, I know what you mean”, nothing more, nothing less. Just a kind of quiet reassurance.

Not here! You get an opinion every time, want it/like it, or not. I don’t know if people feel obliged to say something, even if it isn’t relevant/appropriate. (Which most of the time it isn’t, either!)
If I then react/respond to this opinion I am often accused of taking things too personally. If I don’t reply, I’m seen as having taken my bat & ball home, I just can’t win. I’ll keep my trap shut from now on!
Are us Blightyites too reserved & the Latinos are too in-yer-face? Perhaps somewhere in the middle would be ideal?

Niche in the WC market?

A bit of casual flytipping caught my eye this week & made me think!
Is there a business opening for Public Commodes?

Pic of the week!

I found this brilliant old pic on the web this week (but annoyingly I can’t remember where!)
Two climbing legends; Sir Chris Bonnington & Don Whillans (who was never knighted, but it would have been entertaining if he had been!)
Two climbers on very different routes.
Chris Bonnington needs no introduction.
Don Whillans was the ‘ard little man in the flat ‘at!
A hard drinking & an all-round hard man.
Straight talking, he once borrowed a copy of “Lord of the Rings” off the late Dougal Haston.
After a while he threw it aside and analyzed “Fuckin’ fairies.
There is a fascinating write-up HERE of Don’s epic 7000 mile ride from Rawalpindi to Rawtenstall

Wonderful World…

I want to end this weeks blog on a positive note. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful, uplifting (without being too Mr. Motivator/Air Punch) & soothing-after-a-bad-day 2 minutes of nature amazingness :-)
(412000 of the views are mine).
A big Ευχαριστώ πολύ to my good friend Vasiliki for sharing.

Have yourself a superb week.
Johnny, Lina & the Nipper x

p.s. Special midweek Bonus Blog…

As a separate bonus (just) this week, for any bike fans, or people who just like a good read (or both), I will be releasing a midweek sports special about my good mate & No.1 Bike Guru, Dave has just completed his first season in the Thundersport 500 league.

A seriously awesome achievement. Midweek, right here…



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