Rally Christmas pressies!

I trust that you’re all having a mighty fine in-between-Christmas-and-New-Year-time, that your turkeys were all cooked to perfection & that the stout bearded chap in red, brought you some delightful goodies.
A fairly quiet one for the mongoliando.com team, but very enjoyable indeed.
As you can see from the pic, Lina was overjoyed with her selection of maps (Central Asia, Kazakhstan & Mongolia), her Russian phrasebook & a splendid Adventurists top.

My Dad once told me that, in time, one does turn into one’s father. (ie, Picking up a lot of the same habits/traits/etc…)
It is indeed true, my Dad has always liked practical things.
This year, on the verge of my 40th year, I requested some useful tools for the rally & gratefully received an amazing socket set.
(Which, 10yrs ago, wouldn’t have had the same effect on me!)
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.
It has enough sockets, ratchets, bars, spanners and chrome twiddly-bits to fix anything, up to the size of Drax Power Station!
Indeed a slimmed-down version will have to be prepared for the rally. Some pics on our facebook page…

Enjoy the rest of your Festive Season folks!

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