October 28, 2020

RIP Big Jack.

Good morning folks

I trust this finds you all in mighty fine form.
A streamlined blog this week (you’ll be pleased to hear). Time restraints and constraints.
Dry weekend! Not a drop of ale, busy as a busy bee.
Here is the latest round-up from AQP on a week when the world of football lost a Leeds United and England legend, it was very sad to hear the loss of the late, great Jack Charlton.

Lockdown latest.

Here in La Ciudad Blanca, things are much their lockdown same.
Still locked-up/down, whilst the rest of the country starts to get moving again.
Lina had to take the bairn to the dentist for an emergency this week and that was our only glimpse of the outside world in the last 118 days, she reported back that the streets were fuller than ever, so obviously the “stay at home” message from President Vizcarra has fallen a little on deaf ears!

Cases are still rising in AQP, (if you believe the figures), which does not look good for any restrictions being loosened/relaxed.
National flights/bus travel is due to recommence on the 15th, but not here.

Just do as you are bloody well told!

A local restaurant was rumbled midweek where a dozen punters were caught having a clandestine lock-in.

In other news, a national brand of disinfectant has been withdrawn from the shelves nationally, as it appears that it doesn’t actually do its job (disinfecting!)

I did spend 10mins trying to put this photo right but WordPress was having a wobbly, proving that Poett is crap right to the end!

8 weeks today we should be hopefully boarding a Blightybound plane, but that is one chicken I won’t be counting until I am tucking into my pre-packed-pack-up through a facemask whilst airborne heading in a northwesterly bearing over the Atlantic…

Superclunk.com V-log episode 6.

Amazingly it is back and unsurprisingly it was a rushed hash-job (again).
We have to work on it and we have work to do, we are still on a steep learning curve, but here it is.
At least we got the camera the right way round this week, but we did unfortunately run out of tape, just before the end.

Next week we hope to have some words for the song :-/


Next week.

Macca’s Snacks!

…is back! With a bounty of tasty treats…

Pies!!! Steak, and steak and kidney !! 

The old fish, chips and peas for a Catholic Friday  ! Complete with my customary brown sauce ! 

Washed down with a lovely zingey ale utilising New Zealand hops. Very pleasant. 

More tasty snacks next week!

Rooftop trotting…

No records broken, my knees are jeffed and a bizarre semi-gory moment when a toe injury seeped through my sock, trainer and then froze/congealed on the outside. I thought I had stood on a worm at first, until I took my shoe off!

I measured the roof this week and it is near-as-dammit 10 metres exactly, so with 600 turns per average run, it is no wonder my knees are crying out for a straight road…


Only been out once in the last fortnight!
Plenty of afternoon matinee shows by the Nipper, two emergency dashes to the dentist and a fleecing of around £20 for some antibiotics (that was with medical insurance), one doesn’t spend much in lockdown, good job this week :-/

I did find a tin of emergency baked beans, so I was a culinary hero (to the bairn anyway!)

RIP Big Jack.

“Leeds’s favourite Geordie and Ireland’s favourite Englishman…”

George Best (left) thinks twice about getting involved with Big Jack!

Big Jack Charlton, the rock of a centre-back during the golden LUFC years playing (a record) 773 games over a 21 year period, plus 33 England caps, sadly passed away this week.
The third Leeds legend we have lost in recent times after Norman Hunter and Trevor Cherry.

Winning the 1969 League Cup, 1972 FA Cup and of course the 1966 World Cup were just some of his playing achievements along with getting the Republic of Ireland to the World Cup (twice) but as a genuine, colourful character he was unmatched.

As the only brothers to win a World Cup together, on the final World Cup whistle in 1966, a tearful Bobby hugged his brother Jack and said “Nobody can ever take this moment away from us.”

RIP Jack Charlton (1935-2020).


It is said that the Mighty Whites did the business on Sunday in honour of Big Jack.
Scoring in the 89th minute was typical seat-of-pants Leeds Nervous Breakdown material.
A 5:0 win midweek and 1:0 on Sunday were confidence boosters.

Can we get 4pts from 3 games??? I won’t personally be relaxing until that cup is locked in the trophy cabinet!

Not my image, but generally the feeling in Leeds right now!

The good thing about an Argentine trainer is that Leeds games are often shown on ESPN/Direct TV, if only I had a telly!

I am no football pundit and I’m really, really crap at playing, but I have loved Leeds since I was a young lad and it feels so, so good to see them so close to getting promoted!



LUFC Vs. Peru!


Years ago, after flogging too many dead horses (literally) on fleabay, I muttered those immortal words to myself, “Never again…”

E-bay always seems like a good way to earn some bra$$, but in reality it is an eternal Pandora’s Box of stress and a source of junk/tat purchases, when one should really just take the whole job lot to a charity shop and not look at Hondas, Epiphone basses and second-hand large framed road bikes!

“Look what I won!” is the internal squeal when “winning” an auction, bargains galore and a shedful of bric-a-brac!

I did used to spend a long time patiently listing stuff, politely answering menial/mindless queries, (FOR SALE: Orange Plastic 500ml cup. Questions like “What colour is it, what is it made of, what is its capacity???”)

Having lost way more time/money than I could ever gain, I called it a day (as a seller, but unfortunately not as a buyer!)

Here in AQP with less than 6 weeks to shoehorn our worldly possessions into a handful of duffel bags. I am starting to panic and have started listing a few bits-and-bats on Mercado Libre and OLX, the former of which prompted zero response, the latter of which sprouted a multitude of jumbled messages from Chancers Central…

The Bass got a lot of interest (always a sign of underpricing something), plus a “definite buyer” on Saturday, who was a 4:30pm no-show and didn’t respond to any messages/calls thereafter. (STOP PRESS: Definite Buyer 1 just got in touch to say that his work got complicated on Saturday and then his phone was stolen, but he still wants to buy the bass!)

Mr “Definite Buyer II” was a complete pain in the ar$e and after pushing me a bit too far, I told him there were other basses for sale out there, but he then started sucking up calling me “Hermano” (brother) and realising that he was on the verge of losing a proper bargain.

Obviously in the current situation close contact is not recommended and I can not stretch a leccy extension flex from my 3rd floor window to the street to plug in an amp, so after sending videos of an “A” and a “(♭♭)”, he has agreed on a price but is unsure of a day (or which day it is it seems).

“I live by the Plaza de Armas, bring it here at 3pm” was not warmly received, since when did a seller travel to a buyer!
Will I shift the 4-string?
Will I get a wad of duff notes and/or stabbed/robbed?
Watch this space.

I can feel my blood pressure rising so I won’t start on the story about the amplifier. Next week!

World of Sport!

I have been going through a multitude of mixed emotions about handing my notice in at work.
I am looking forward to getting back to Blighty (fingers crossed) but I know deep down that I may never find such a cool job again, in my working life (a decision I may well rue when I am flogging foot-spas and George Foreman grills back at Argos this Christmas on minimum wage!)

The strange shift to working from home has not been easy (for me, nor half the WFH population), but with good internet and a laptop of this century it is definitely do-able. I have been solely doing online placement exams since May (more of this another time), apart from a few shifty home-made promotional language videos, until Saturday when I did my first ever “Webinar”.

My topic was “UK Sport – An alphabetical adventure…“, basically an A-Z of well known and obscure sports bobbins. I had done it before “live” back in the good old days, so knew my onions/script but doing a Webinar was different. Feeling similar to doing a talk in a fishtank with no crowd reaction (similar to one performance to a not-so-full-house, badly publicized crowd of 3 punters, but we won’t talk about that tumbleweed event here). It did feel like talking to myself.

For the record, full list of runners, riders and full SPs, next week.

I am professionally happy that a small slice of the populace now know about Egremont Crab Fair and the World Gurning Championship!

My MC, Carmen was an absolute star, providing the link between myself and my audience. I sprinted through all 114 PPT slides in a record time and still had room for questions at the end!

Not forgetting Cumberland-Westmorland Wrstling!

Getting people to listen to my rambling nonsense is quite something (and getting paid to do it as a job is another)!
I do have to pinch myself at times with this job. Definitely the highlight of this whole WFH period and a sad reminder of what I am giving up, but choices/decisions/sacrifices had to be made, hopefully for a better future, fingers crossed.

And finally…

Father Ted was one of the best (and most underrated) comedy shows ever, until the untimely and premature passing of Dermot Morgan.

It seems fitting to end with this short video from back in 1996…

Have an outstanding week.

Johnny, Lina and the Nipper

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